What Happened to Unique and Quality Content?

Unique and quality contentis fast becoming a rarity online. The internet is so full of crap. This is a fact. Anyone who dares dispute this didn't spend enough time on the internet to see how much crap there is floating around. Not even Google the Great can keep out the bad content from popping into its search results pages.

Give it a shot. Go to Google right now and search for something. Which of the entries in the top results are exactly what you are looking for? It's likely that they are relevant to your search but there are those results that don't make any sense at all. There are even those instances when you find yourself facing a screen of zero relevant results.

What happened to unique and quality content? The big answer is this: people are gaming the search engines. More and more people are learning how Google, Yahoo and Bing works. If they know the factors that Google considers in ranking web pages, then they can create pages that feed into these factors. Gone are the times when search engines were still brand new toys and the only ways to rank in them is by creating web pages that are actually useful to searchers.

Not that Google isn't trying or anything. In fact just recently, Google rolled yet another algorithm change with regards o its search engine. As always the case, some celebrated with the development while others raised their fists into the air in anger. A lot of online businesses lost up to more than 50% of their customers and profits. So-called content farms and sites were slapped  and demoted on the search rankings. To make matters worse, they were accused of harboring content that are of the low-quality kind that Google deemed them unworthy of being featured on its top search results.

It's normal to get angry with Google. That is if you are a website owner, blogger or a content writer for any of the content farms. But if you are not one of these things and yet you still find yourself angry with the algorithm change, then you are not making any sense.

Above all things, Google changed the algorithm to enhance the user experience. To invite unique and quality content in while keeping low-quality content out. This is therefore a development the search user should fully embrace.

Google is still the go-to-guy for search. It is hard to imagine an internet without Google. Whether you like it or not. Whether you love the “Farmer Update” or hate it, Google is still your best option for finding unique and quality content. Let's just hope that this “Farmer Update” thing makes the search experience even better and, well, more relevant.

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