What Is The Best Type Of Cell Phone?

There are many types of cell phones on the market today. Finding the right cell phone that fits you is very important. We love our cell phones. Cell phones have become very personal. We spend countless hours on them. The selection of these mobile phones have become very diverse. A few years ago, cell phones were just a means of communication. Today, they represent much more. They represent style and status. Almost the same way cars do. What's great about buying a cell phone today are the choices. Whether you are buying a simple prepaid or a high powered smart phone, there are always lots to choose from. Let's look at some of the styles of cell phones and see which is right for you.

Bar type cell phones have been around since the beginning. They are also referred to as a "slab" or a "candy bar" cell phone. Like the name implies, they form the shape of a rectangular bar or slab. Bar type mobile phones usually have the screen and dial pad on the front face. These phones focus on simplicity. They are excellent for simple phone conversation and occasional text messages. The bar style mobile phones are generally small and very pocketable. This means less weight for you to carry and more space in your pockets. Some drawbacks of bar style mobile phones is the lack of features. These phone are limited to phone call and short text messages. Some higher end bar cell phones like the BlackBerry offer smart phone features in a slick candy bar form but this phone is an exception rather than the rule. If you are looking for a simple phone and don't need any bells and whistles, the bar style of cell phones may be right for you.You will find many people carrying and using the bar style phones. They are very popular.

The next phone were going to look at is the clamshell style phone. These phone are often referred to as "flip phones". Clamshell phones offer similar features as most candy bar phones but they use a hinged design that flips open in order to save space. Clamshell phones are great. There is usually a screen on one half of the "shell" while the other half has a keypad. Besides the form factor, the classic clamshell design is equally as portable as the bar style design. Clamshell phones have one advantage over bar phones. You have a lower chance to accidentally dial with a clamshell since the dial pad is covered when closed. Most bar phones have a lock or hold feature that prevents and fixes this problem. Clamshell phones used to be very popular among the young and hip crowd and while their popularity is fading, they still are a solid option for the basic user. Today, clamshell phones are popular in the pre-paid phone market. They are often carried by the elderly, frugal, and/or non tech savvy crowd.

The slider is a newer style of cell phone replacing the clamshell in terms of design innovation. Sliders tend to be somewhat of a bar style phone with a dial pad that is revealed by the sliding mechanism. Two pieces of the phone are connected together and work the slider on rails. Traditionally, slider phones were designed to accommodate a larger screen than bar style phone. This meant that the sliding mechanism would reveal a traditional keypad in portrait mode while offering consumers a larger viewing screen for more modern services like sms text messages. Later, companies started to produce landscape sliders with a full qwerty keypad. This made it much easier to type quick text messages. Many cell phone manufacturers have combines the slider with the slate. We'll look into the slate in a bit. Sliders style phones are very versatile. You can find sliders in nearly all classes. From cheap prepaids, to full feature phones, and even in high end smart phones. Sliders are very versatile. They are carried by people of all types.

Swivel phones are a new style that is available to consumers. The swivel phone is very similar to the slider but instead of the phone moving on rails, the 2 pieces move on an axis. These phones are very similar to the slider except they are not as popular. There were a few attempts to market these phones. Most noticeably, swivel phone would be featured on music videos of popular recording artists. The most famous swivel phone is the Sidekick 2 and 3.You will see many young teens, tweens, and young adults with these types of phone. Swivel phones usually are rich in feature and they have a novelty factor when opened.

The last type of cell phone is the slate style. The slate type cell phone is similar in shape to the bar but they have very few, if any hard buttons. The slate style phone is currently exclusive to high end feature phone and smart phones. You may recognize them in the universally known iPhone and htc phones like the Evo 4G. In order to dial or type on a slate phone, they are equipped with a touch screen that renders buttons that are activated by touch. The slate style phones are relatively new and have become quite popular. They have become popular due to their large screens which allow for a more pleasurable multimedia experience. Viewing videos and pictures were much easier on a slate phone than any other phone. Slate style phones have a mass appeal due to it's simple, yet elegant form factor. You will usually see young adults, hip teens, and tech savvy folks with these types of phones.

Which Style Do You Prefer?

Choosing a phone has become a very personal thing. Just like our cars, we love our phones. The more time we spend on them, the more our infatuation with them grow. Determining what you need in a mobile phone is only one step to choosing a phone. Form factor and features are even more important. I related phones to cars because not only do we love them like our cars, but our phones can also represent a status symbol. Embracing the needs of individuals is a beautiful thing. This drives companies to work harder for us. I've tried many different styles of phones and I can't wait for to see how they all change. It's interesting to hear what types of phones other people prefer.Thank your for reading! I hope this has helped.

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FitnezzJim profile image

FitnezzJim 6 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

After reading this, I might have to give up my old rotary dialer, plug-in-the-wall, drop-a-nickle, turn-the-crank phone. At least I never had to worry about dropping that one in the river while canoeing. Which of these float?

Good Hub

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 6 years ago from New England Author

haha, I'm still looking for a floating cell phone myself!

Thanks for the comment FitnezzJim.

iguidenetwork profile image

iguidenetwork 3 years ago from Austin, TX

Very interesting hub! My mother still has her swivel phone and she loves it, it fits into her pocket.

I've heard that bar phones are slowly making a comeback even with smartphones. I think it's a good news. I'm having a hard time typing because of the autocorrect thing.

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