What You Can Do With Skype

A Look at Skype Features - Free and Paid

Skype needs no introduction. Think of making calls by internet and the first name that comes to mind is SKYPE.

It is thanks to Skype that people all over the world first came to know that you can make calls from your computer to another computer and that too Free.

Though Skype may not need introduction, its features certainly do.

Over the years since its launch in 2003, Skype has added so many features to its services that it is a must for us to know about them in detail so we can use them at our utmost advantage. This hubpage attempts to take a look at various ways you can use Skype as a great money-saving communication tool.

There are many wonderful things that you can do with Skype totally free. But there are some services that you have to pay for - though at a rates lot less than what you would have to pay with conventional phones and mobile.

Here I will describe both of them - free and paid.

But the free ones first.- naturally.

What You Can Do Free With Skype

Nothing To Pay For

Skype-to-Skype calls
Instant messaging
One-to-one video calls
Screen sharing

Keep on reading for details

Skype-to-Skype Calls (Free)

These are free calls from one computer to another - both having Skype installed on them.

What you have to do:
Download Skype to your computer and then add your friends and contacts that also have Skype.

Now you can talk to them without spending anything. This feature of Skype is like any other VoIP provider where you can make free computer-to-computer or pc to pc calls.

What you need:
A computer connected with broadband internet. Headphones or mike and speakers and you are good to go
What you pay:
You pay for the Internet time and also the power to run your computer.

Instant Messaging
You can make send free Instant messages to your friends in the same way you talk to them.

How To Make Video Calls With Skype

One-to-One Video Calls (Free)

How To Make Free Video Calls With Skype

Video calling on Skype works pretty much the same as Skype-to-Skype voice calls. You make a Skype call as usual but what is different here is that you and the person you talk to can see one another on your computers.

For making video calls you and your friends/contacts need to have webcams connected with the computers.

This is an extra though one-time expense which relates to the type of HD quality webcam you go for.

Screen Sharing
This feature of Skype allows you to show the other person what you are seeing on your computer screen. It can be some new interesting website or instructions for a recipe that you like.

This works when you are making a one-to-one video call. This means that screen sharing is an extension of Skype video calls feature and is totally free.

To show your computer screen just click the Share button in the call window.

Now the paid Skype features

Why Paid Features of Skype?

With so many features of Skype that are free, why to go for the paid ones?

True, you can use Skype for almost all your calling needs without paying for them at all.

But there are many things that you cannot do with the free options such as for example,

Call someone who doesn't have Skype installed on his computer or has no computer at all.

In the same way many people will not be able to call you if they don't have Skype or computer even.

It is to get around such problems and make and receive calls without restrictions that you need the paid facilities of Skype that are super cheap compared to the conventional calling by landline or cell phones.

Let us have a look at some of such options

Call Any Phone or Mobile

Call Anywhere in the World with Skype

If you use the free Skype calls facility you can call only those people that have Skype installed on their computers or mobile phones. But what if you want to talk to someone who doesn't use Skype? It is here that this paid feature of Skype comes in.

When you go for the paid option of calling any landline or mobile phone, you can use Skype like a regular phone.

You can make such calls from your computer, Skype phones, mobiles and TVs.

Online Number

What is Online Number?

This is a Skype number like your regular phone or mobile number.

When your friends or contacts call this number, it reaches your Skype phone wherever you are. And if you are not available to take the calls they can leave a message by voicemail which you can access from your Skype account.

This is a paid feature and you can get online numbers in a certain countries at present.

Skype To Go Numbers

Make A Skype Call From Any Phone

What are Skype To Go Numbers?

This is perhaps the most innovative feature of Skype. With this feature of Skype you can dial any phone in the world from any phone or mobile and make calls at Skype cheap rates.

Special benefits:
You don't need internet connection
You don't need a computer
You don't need to download and install Skype
You don't need to sign in to Skype account

Then where does Skype come in such calls?

You tell Skype the number you want to call.
Skype will then convert this number into a number with an area code of your choice.
Then you dial the number that Skype gave you and you are connected to the number you wanted to call. You can store up to 30 such numbers on your phone.

What do you have to pay?

You have to sign up with Skype and pay for this facility by subscription or Pay as you go payment mode.

In addition you may have to pay the local rate to your phone company or this may be covered in your free minutes plan

Skype to go numbers are available in certain countries at present.- 23 countries at the time of writing this.

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