What are the classes of Ip Address and its range?

Ip Address range


IP Adresse can be classified into five classes A, B, C, D and E. Each class consists of a contiguous subset of the overall IPv4 address range.


Class A 0-126

Class B 128-191

Class C 192-223

Class D 224-239 (Used for Mulicast)

Class E 240-255 (Used for Research and Education)

Private address range. to as self assigned ip)


Karthick M

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ERASTO LYIMO 8 years ago

your explanation is very good and help me in my networking study ,please can you send to some tips or web site regading networking

sunil 7 years ago

can u help me in calculating the subnet mask in shortcut method with one IP address.

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 7 years ago from Bangalore Author

There are free subnet calculator using which we can find the subnet easily. You can also refer the below link.


shridhar 6 years ago

thanku for help me

Ashvini 6 years ago

thank you

SHILESH K. 6 years ago



rajiv soni 6 years ago

i agree. but i confuse because why some people asked class A-0 to 127.

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi Rajiv,

127 can also be called as CLASS A but it cannot be assigned to any host. 127 is reserved for Loop back.

sushil kodre 6 years ago

i not undasdand for ip class.

khaleel 6 years ago

hi i have a small confusion abt class A. does it starts from 0-126 or 1-126?

karthickjck profile image

karthickjck 6 years ago from Bangalore Author


As per RFC, Class A stars from 0 to 126


Karthick Murugan

malkiat singh 5 years ago

very gud 22 g

raghvendra 5 years ago

thanx karthick ji

raghvendra 5 years ago

thanx karthick ji

Khalid 5 years ago

0 and 127 (First and Last in the range)doesn't use. So the actual range of class a is 1 - 127.

plshelpme 5 years ago

Hi, can you pls help me..

the ip address is i need to find the SNA, SM, the ip range and broadcast address.. im really confuse.. pls help.

for 2000 hosts,200 hosts, 60 hosts, 2hosts and 2 hosts

sangeetha 5 years ago

thnx karthick

sangeetha 5 years ago

thnx karthick

rajdeep gajare 5 years ago

How Do I Trace my network brodcasting problem??

nagesh jadhav 5 years ago

thanks karthick

suresh dophe 5 years ago

it's fine keep it up

Piyush 5 years ago

not sufficient information....please add more information....

ajit 5 years ago

thanx yaar

aswini 5 years ago


Afzal 4 years ago

bundle of thanks for this guide

manu 4 years ago as self assigned ip)

Please Explain it...

Vinayak 4 years ago

Thanks Karthic.

NAVEEN KUMAR 4 years ago


thilipan 4 years ago

thank u sir................

maddy 4 years ago

karthickjck.... u said that 127 is reserved for Loop back bt wht is d meaning of loop back here?

craju 4 years ago

hi all,

loop back ip address to it is reserved .

it is just testing purpose



Rajinder singh 4 years ago

loop back ip address to it is reserved for NIC (Lan card) testing .

mahesh 4 years ago

thanks guys

vinisha 4 years ago


Thank u for your informations..Can u just tell me wat is loop back and wat is the actual use of all these classes of IP and pls add some more information about Subnet mask also to get better ideas...

sunilswaraj 4 years ago

thanks for given information and one morething could u give information about CCNA,i want to learn

how can I able to input the ip address with dotted ip address using scanf? 4 years ago

very well

kaichou45 4 years ago

how to allow the user to input 4 numbers separated by a dot

Rupesh 4 years ago

Tell me the detail about IP Range...??

Rupesh 4 years ago

Send answer me on my email id


Abba 3 years ago

thanks,God bless.

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Adam34 3 years ago

Thanks for your useful information.If you want to find your IP address,

visit http://www.ip-details.com/ .

harshal 2 years ago

can u pls gim me website regarding ip..............

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