What is Boss Linux? Indian version of free os linux

BOSS stands for Bharat Operating Systems Solutions. It is the linux distribution based on debian linux and is customised for high performance. Like many other versions of linux it is free and and is open source having license in public domian. Most of the features of this distribution is taken from GNU. As many other flavours of linux it is mainly based on free softwares.

The question is what is the need for other distribution when there are son many already in the market. The reason for this is need of free OS for government purpose. With congress in power and decision to computrise most of the government departments in near future, it is impossible with go with costly OS such as Windows and MAC. Therefore C-DAC Centre for developmnt of advanced Computing developed this operating system which has undergone many changes since it was first released 01/10/2007.

Latest version: The latest version 3 code named Tejas (not to be confused with Tejas - India's first Multi purpose light combat aircraft) was relesed in septmber 2008. Like its previous versions it is also based on Debian Linux which happens to be parent of Ubuntu Linux as well. Tejas is released in 18 Indian languages with support for all the languages used in India. It is highly appreciatd by the govrnmnt and with proposols of deploying it on mass sacle.

Certification: BOSS Linux has been given the prestigious certificat of LSB rating for complianc with Linux base standards by the linux foundation, a non profitable certifyig agency for softwars based on Linux.

Present Scenario: Boss Linux 3 is to be succeeded by the vrsion 4. In spite of 3 version already in market, the user base of the BOSS has been very low. This can be attributed to various factors such as..

  • Lack of support: There is very limited support for the software. The community is almost non existent owing to very low base and lack of forums etc. There is also very little official support.
  • Presence of compatibles such as Fedora and Ubuntu. Ubuntu and Fedora are already present, successful OSs in linux segment.
  • Presence of propertiary softwars. People prfer Windows compared to Linux.
  • Lack of determination and funds from government side. With very little funds alloted to C DAC, BOSS linux has to move the long way before it gets widely accepted in masses.

How to obtain: BOSS Linux can be downloaded free of charge from bosslinux.in. It can be also ordered via post which will be delivered free of cost within 7 working days.

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