What is Online Website Builder?

Online Website Builder
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Online Website Builder Meaning

Online Website Builder is a tool used to create a website with easy drag-and-drop features. You don’t need to know coding or do manual editing of codes. A website builder is different from a web editor which is a software application to create web pages. You have to install a web editor on your computer to create a website offline and then host it on Internet. These web editors are known as website design software and not website builder. You can make your website with online website builders ‘online’ and don’t need to run them on your computer.

Where to Find Online Website Builder?

Online website builders are provided by web hosting companies. When you sign up with a web host, you get the opportunity to make your own website with their website builder. They have tutorials and videos, instructions etc. to make you understand how to create a website with online website builder. Some of these web hosts allow you to get a free trial to create a website with their website builder tool. Most of these web hosting companies provide free templates for making website.

Benefits of Online Website Builder
Benefits of Online Website Builder

Benefits of Using Online Website Builder to Create a Website

One of the major advantages of online website is that it is quick and easy to use. You can make your website in minutes without even having any experience in creating webpages. Beginners are mostly benefitted by the pre-designed templates and the how-to-videos and instructions for creating websites. Some of the benefits of online website builders can be listed as follows:

Pre-designed Website Templates- As you get the choice of selecting pre-built templates from a host of designs; you don’t need to waste time in thinking about how your website should look. You can just choose whatever appearance appeals you and make your own website in no time. If the final look doesn’t suit your taste, you can change the design and the new look of your website is up in seconds!

Step-by-Step Guidance to Create a Website- The web hosts who provide you with free online website builder tool also make provisions for step-by-step guides on how you can build your website. These can be in form of user manuals that you can download and understand at your ease. These can also be in form of how-to videos to elaborately demonstrate the whole process of building website.

Advanced Features for Website- While some online website builders let you create only basic personal web pages, many of them allows you to make highly professional websites complete with advanced features like high quality images, videos, maps etc. You can even make business and ecommerce websites depending upon the features and templates provided by the online website builder. In fact, the most advanced templates provide the feature for social network integration too which can help you to promote your website on social platforms online.


Drawbacks of Online Website Builder

In spite of so many advantages of online website builder, many people do not recommend using this very good online tool to make website. It is always better to hear both the sides of a story.

Limited Control over Transferring Website to Other Host-Sometimes the templates and graphics used in the website design are copyrighted in the name of the web host. So, when you want to switch to some other host, you would not be able to keep the design of your website intact.

Limitations in Search Engine Optimization- Some online website builders have such templates where you cannot edit title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions and image ALT tags included in your content. However it is only the case in some of the templates and not all. Most of the web hosts providing online website builder use such templates that are SEO friendly and where you can edit all these attributes while you create a website. In fact, you can even edit the URL of any page as per your SEO needs.

Looking at the drawbacks, it can only be said that benefits outweigh drawbacks and Online Website Builder emerge as a clear winner, at least for those who don’t even know the basics of website designing. Not using an online website builder to create a website is the option only with the designers and developers. You and me, who do not know the ‘ABC’ of coding can rely completely on these great online tools- the website builder!

How to Pick an Online Website Builder?


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