Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org?

The Pros Use Wordpress! But Which One? Wordpress.org or Wordpress.com?

So you figured it out! Most of the pro bloggers use the Wordpress platform. They are both free but...

The main differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org:

  • Wordpress.com does not require anything from you other than for you to sign up and set up your account.
  • Wordpress.com is a simple self-contained blogging platform like blogger.com, typepad.com and blogspot. Once you got your account set up you choose your main blog design template and you are ready to blog n roll.
  • Wordpress.com, however, can not be monetized. No affiliate links are allowed, otherwise your account will be suspended. But I do think you can add your paypal donation widget. If you are looking to monetize a free blog, stick with Hubpages.com or Squidoo.com.
  • Wordpress.com is limited. The widgets and templates you can use are somewhat restricted.
  • Wordpress.com is perfect for students, writers and people just looking to put a blog out there.

    Now on to Wordpress.org...

If You Are Serious Or Looking To Get Serious Get Wordpress.org

Reasons for Wordpress.org:

  • Wordpress.org needs to be downloaded.
  • Wordpress.org is free and it only takes less than 5 minutes to download.
  • Wordpress.org is for people looking for full customization of their blog. People who want full control of their blog/site design, widgets, monetizing and affiliate links.
  • Wordpress.org is for pros and those who take their blogging serious.
  • Wordpress.org requires web hosting like a real website. Try to stick with a host that provides 1-Click Auto Install for Wordpress. This feature will save you from a migraine.
  • Visit my hubpages' page about the best hosts for wordpress.org.
  • Wordpress.org requires that you purchase a domain name. Choose your name wisely...this is your website! Exciting! You can buy the name anywhere. I still use www.goddady.com.

What time is it Now? Wordpress time!

Hope this hub helped! Thanks for reading.
Hope this hub helped! Thanks for reading.

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