What is a Modified DB8 Antenna?

There are many different antenna designs. This is a quad patch antenna.
There are many different antenna designs. This is a quad patch antenna. | Source

Overview of DB8 Antennas

The DB8 antenna modification allows you to receive Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) TV stations beyond the range of a UHF conventional antenna.

For example, if your UHF TV antenna can receive TV stations thirty miles away, the DB8 modified antenna will receive signals from eighty miles away. DB8 antennas receive both regular and high definition TV signals.

Tilted top and bottom planes are added to the UHF antenna to create a trough reflector. These planes are triangular in shape. The DB8 antenna modification is similar in shape to a bow tie.

The DB8 antenna receives signals from any direction, though there is no such thing as a fully omni-directional antenna that receives signal equally well in all directions. A DB8 antenna eliminates the need to install a directional antenna on a rotating motor. It functions best when there is flat land and few features interrupting the signal it is attempting to receive.

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Hyphenbird 4 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

I need an antenna since we do not have cable television. I will look for one and appreciate the information you have given. Thanks Tamara.

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