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Just Play its that simple

What is a Playaway Audio Book, its the world's first digital audio player already pre-loaded audio book. Playaway is easy to use, just plug in your earphones, press the power on button and listen to your favorite book. You do not have to worry about CDs, Cassettes or even downloading the audio book. All you have to do is simply play and your on your way.

The first time I saw a Playaway was on my weekly visit to the my local Library. I was looking for audio book because I was curious how they worked. I found this box that looked like a old VHS Tape and I read the sign that said Playaway. It got my attention and I decided to try this method of listening to a book. I really do not like ready but I love listening to the Radio and I remember as a kid loving to here old radio programs.

In this Hub I hope to show you how easy it is play a Playaway audio book, where to get Playaways for free, where to purchase Playaways, Where to trade Playaways and what you need to Play a Playaway.

Playaway Audio Book Player

Playway Audio Book Player Device
Playway Audio Book Player Device | Source

What the heck is Playaway Anyway?

What the heck is Playaway Anyway? A Playway use the most recent technology in audio format, it can play a wide variety of content in a very small easy to play unit. Similar to a MP3 player or a DVD play but just build for listening to books or music and kind of looks like a very small book. Everything you need comes in the units box their is nothing else needed to buy. It comes with the unit, ear phones and batteries are included. You might have to replace the battery and ear phones when needed.

The Playaway is one of the simplest way to instantly enjoy music or audio books. You can enjoy your favorite book authors or music artist whenever or wherever you are. What makes this digital device Playaway unique.

1. Just press and Play the smiliest way to play music or listen to a book, just press play.

2. The Playaway Device can play a ton of music and entire book. This device can play up to 80 hours of music and any book.

3. This is a small device and only weights about 2 ounces it can fit in your pocket and its very portable and easily used for multitasking.

4. You can even book mark your spot with its automatic bookmark function that remembers where your last read.

5. Playaways can use a number of universal devices such as portable speakers, FM transmitters, audio cables, and be used in almost all environments.

Once you finish listen to your book or music you can share this with your friends just like you would a book or a CD. You can trade your Playaway in and get a good discount on your next Playaway or you can reload your Playaway with a new book of your choice.

Playaway Audio Books Amazon

Where can you find a Playaway

Playaways can be found at your local retail book store such as Barns and Noble, Borders, Brookstone and Hudson Booksellers. You might not find every selection you are looking for at these books stores, so you might have to get it ordered or you will have to look for it online.

You can find Playways online at such places as Amazon.com, eBay and at Playways own store. You are more likely to find used Playaways at eBay and Amazon but yo can find some really good prices on used Playaways.

If you don't want ot spend some money you can find Playaways at your local Library like I did or you can even find them at your local schools grades 1 Thur 12. Playaway has programs in place just for these places. So you can check out the Playaway listen to it for a few weeks and then return it. Just to worn you they usually do not supply the batteries or the ear phones. They use AAA batteries and you only need one. These Batteries last up to 20 hours. I am sure you would want to use you own batteries anyway.

Playaway offers Replay Rewards

Playaway has a RePlay Rewards program that can save you 50% of the retail price. They guarantee the same quality of play because they have a comprehensive inspection of their units before returning them to play. In fact their guarantee is good for up to one year. You just have to register on line and fill out their form. They send you a email with instructions and you send them the form with your Playaway to be reloaded with you new book or music. Once signed up you can use the program over and over and RePlay your Playaways.

Make your own Playaway Audio Book

If you have your own book or content you want to load on these digital devices Playaway has a program for you also. If you want great exposure you can put your content in front of thousands. Playaway has a Custom Publishing Program that will give you a turn-key solution to produce and distribute your content to the world in a pre-loaded format. One of the good advantages is your content is safe and secure because you cannot copy the information. These also carry the one year guarantee.

Playaway Audio Books 5 comments

John Smith 8 years ago

I loved the article but could you mentin how to change a playway battery

kia31 profile image

kia31 8 years ago from Los Angles Author

I might have to find a picture to show you but, on the back of the playaway is a place to push out the cover for the battery. I use my thumb and push it to the right. It snaps back on, it may seem difficult but its not to hard.

Janet 7 years ago

Where can one find narration jobs through Playaway?

audiobook 7 years ago

Yeah, I'm interested, but not convinced.

I'd like to see more.

kia31 profile image

kia31 4 years ago from Los Angles Author

You can check p layaway audio books out a your local library for Free.

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    Playaways are not for Everybody

    Not everybody is going to like these devices for some reason or another. This is a great device for the blind and people like me that love a good story but do not want to read. But if you have never tried one of these digital devices than you will never know if you like them . I do not plan on buying on myself but I am going to check out Playaways at my Library and list to a few books once or twice a month. Hope you now have a better understanding of Playaways, I tried to include all the information you will need to get started and always be on the go and start using Playaways. The future is here now.

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