What is your NET worth?

Most of us are using various social networking sites to stay connected with friends and relatives. Almost all of us are using at least twitter and Facebook daily.

Have you ever wonder how much influence you make on your followers in twitter or your friends in Facebook!

My search for these led me to some interesting websites where you can measure your influence and your popularity in social networking sites. Here are some selected websites to finding your worth on the Internet.



My personal best is klout.com. It scans social network data to create individual scores – from 1 to 100. 1 being the lowest ranking and 100 the highest! The score is measured on the basis of number of twitter followers, amount of retweets, individual following. Also it includes @mentions, likes and comments to add to the score.

Some have debated the accuracy of the Klout scores. But whatever, I am having fun indulging with Klout. My score is only 38. Amitabh Bachchan, actor is having a score of 83! Justin Bieber is having a perfect 100 score!!

Did I told you that Klout.com service is free?

Check your klout!
Check your klout! | Source

Influences of people I follow!

Amitabh Bachchan Klout Score is 83!
Amitabh Bachchan Klout Score is 83!


My key measures!
My key measures!

Hit www.twitalyzer.com and enter the user name of twitter. Twitalyzer will analysis your twitter usage and can tell if you are a social animal or a reporter or a trendsetter! Twitalyzer analysis your data on several metrics – such as your level engagement with topics, number of tweets and frequency, your influence on your followers and people you follow.

Twitalyzer give you ranking on different fronts. Your score of influence, your impact, your clout and many others. Here again Justin Bieber scored a perfect 100.

Most reports and scores are free. For some detailed trends and activity you may have to pay a little amount!

You can use twitter account to sign into this.

Justin Bieber scored a perfect 100
Justin Bieber scored a perfect 100


Index your Peers
Index your Peers

www.peerindex.com is much like Klout. It checks into all your social networking accounts to list your influences on others and others influences on yourself. It also check the topics that are discussed and how much influence you are making for a particular topic.

Here you can also find people you have influenced and people who influenced you.

But I find lack of some tool here when compared to Klout.


Who is favorite?
Who is favorite?

http://favstar.fm/ to know most favourite tweets or retweets. You can login using twitter account and check which of your tweets are starred by followers. The data will show with your most starred tweets along with thumbnail photos of the people who have starred it.

You can also check the most popular tweets. You can hit favstar.fm to just find most interesting tweets.


Twenty feet something!
Twenty feet something!

Twentyfeet.com has both paid and free service. It tracks number of friends on facebook, comments, posts and give analytical data. And in twitter, it counts followers, tweets, retweets and @mentions to give you your social report card.

Some More...


There are several other which need to be evaluated. Some of them are listed here:

my twitterreach

How far my tweet has reached!
How far my tweet has reached!

All photos in this hubpages are screen captures, done by sashameel for ZanaWorld exclusively.

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

You have listed a good deal of information on this topic and I like the design of your content. I am a visual learner and this helps to make it understandable.

zanaworld profile image

zanaworld 4 years ago from Bangalore Author

Hi teaches12345, I am glad that you found this hub "what is your NET worth" informative and visually appealing.

I have already signed up for couple of above sites; enjoying and having fun with it.

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 4 years ago from Thailand

You've covered some very interesting sites there! I would imagine these could be extremely useful for those seriously marketing their online businesses, but as you say, they are also kinda fun to check out for the average user too.

Sharing, up and useful.

zanaworld profile image

zanaworld 4 years ago from Bangalore Author

Dear Brett.Tesol: You are right, these sites are more for marketing for businesses and brands. At the same time, they are interesting and fun for individual users.

I have increased 2 ranks higher after signing up for klout. I keep tracking my ranks there.

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