Google Search Engine - Looking Under the Hood

Google over the years has grown be one of the largest advertising profit generators of all time.  Their revenues currently surpass the five largest broadcast networks, combined.  Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the co-founders of Google realized early that they could capture the search engine advertising world by utilizing what they are currently know for.  That four line text ad that show up on every search engine result. 


Google not ready to rest on its laurels, is attempting to reach out beyond the search engine format.  Unfortunately, resistance is growing from not only government regulators but also from Google’s own customers.  However, to understand why Google does what it wants, you need to have an understanding of Google itself.  


Many have said that Google is a company with probably the largest concentration of left-brained types in the world.  This has been both an asset and a hindrance as Google continues to grow its search engine ad revenue.  The positive is that Google has made it a priority to stay focused on developing the very best search engine technology.  This has allowed them to surpass their rivals, Yahoo and AOL.  By using an intricate formula of higher search engine results based on the number of clicks on ads, Google has dominated search engine advertising.  It is estimated that Google owns over 75% of that search engine advertising.


Unfortunately, Google is a company that is driven by its hard data.  Google engineers have the belief that their data unlocks any of the mysteries of why humans click and why they do not.  Thankfully, some in management have come to realize that you cannot rely on data alone.  They have hired humans who rate their search engine sites as well, to help perfect the results.


Google is not known for its conventional corporate thinking.  Their engineers are encouraged to spend up to 20% of their work time on personal projects.  When Google first was offered up as a public stock offering, the company prospectus stated eight times that Google “wants to make the world a better place.” A very selfless position to take for any corporation.


Many have not appreciated Google’s apparent bid to make itself the dominate search engine.  In 2008, Google attempted a deal with Yahoo to try to keep Microsoft from acquiring it.  Google backed down after The U.S. Justice Department threatened an antitrust suit against them.


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