What sites do you guys frequently visit?

This is just a quick list of internet sites I visit weekly, or for many of them daily or nearly so. Some of the sites are used for research, some are for entertainment, and some are for self expression. This list isn't mean't to be self promotional, however, I have hubs on Hubpages, and blogs on Wordpress.

These are sites that I find useful in some way or another. This hub was written in response to the question, What Sites Do You Frequently Visit?








Something Awful

River City Talk



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bradwrage profile image

bradwrage 9 years ago from Pismo Beach

Thanks. I find myself only going to a few sites such as digg.com, facebook.com, hubpages, etrade.com, truemors.com, and myspace.com every once in a while.

VendettaVixen profile image

VendettaVixen 5 years ago from Ireland

The main sites I visit are:

Cracked.com, NeuroGalaxy.com, Youtube.com, Hubpages.com, DailyMail, and Survaycentral.com.

WilliamM 5 years ago

-On daily basis: techmeme.com, freerice.com, arstechnica.com, shoutcast.com, mail, some

-Often: ebay.com, wimp.com, mashable.com, techcrunch.com

-Occasionally: wordnik.com, fedupwith.net, quora.com etc.

puter_dr profile image

puter_dr 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Thanks, keep the great suggestions coming!

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