Where can I buy Ipod Shuffle Charger?

Where can I buy Ipod Shuffle Charger Online?

If you own an iPod Shuffle and like to have it with you wherever you go, you might worry about charging it. Especially when you are travelling, or just going out the house.

One of the best ways to find a charger for your iPod Shuffle is to look for them in online stores, it is easier to search for them on the computer than on the high street and they offer a few different chargers and accessories/attachments. You can quite easily find one that is suitable for your requirements. They are also likely to be cheaper online than on the high street.

Amazon is good place to buy Ipod accessories, including Ipod Shuffle charger, online. It has a few different chargers to choose from, so you can charge you your Ipod at home, in the car, or from your computer USB slot.

Ipod Shuffle Travel Charger

The USB Travel Charger works in the same way as the USB Power Adaptor, you plug it into the place where you plug in Sat-Nav in your car to charge it.

It is a good idea to carry one with you if you want to recharge your iPod Shuffle anywhere.

Ipod USB Charger

This charger can also charge Ipod Shuffle, Nano, Touch and Iphone from the wall power socket.

There is also the USB Power Adaptor. It can charge your iPod without connecting to a computer. You plug the iPod Shuffle USB Cable into it and plug it in the wall to start charging your iPod's battery.

Ipod Wall Charger

Charge your Ipod at home wherever you have a wall socket with the mains adaptor.

DLO Powerbug

The DLO Powerbug can charge your iPod Shuffle any place you have a power outlet via the USB cable. Ipod is fully charged in a couple of hours.

Ipod Shuffle
Ipod Shuffle

Apple website

You can buy Ipod Shuffle chargers and other accessories direct from Apple's website. These might be a little more than the ones on Amazon or Ebay, but if you want something direct from Apple, this is the place to go.


You can find cheap Ipod Shuffle chargers on Ebay in in much the same way as you can find them on Amazon.


Play.com has some different accessories from Amazon etc. so is worth a look when searching for a compatible charger.

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nancynurse profile image

nancynurse 4 years ago from Southeast USA

Good advice. Thanks for sharing.

Suzie Bell 2 years ago

Great tips. I also found a car charger on Amazon and it has three ports! I really loved it and it was very handy. Not only can I charge my iPod, I can charge my phone and tablet too.

You may check out the product here: http://www.amazon.com/USB-Car-Charger-Lifetime-War...

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