Which anti-virus protection is the best?

There are currently lotsa anti-virus software on the market for the user to install. There are some software regarded as leaders but these anti virus guard possibly may not be a suitable tool for yourself and your corporation. The needs of users and groups changes and Not one tool can meet the demands of all. One should look at his or her personal usage patterns and usage patterns of your teams.

Security against Internet virus, malwares, phishing, Trojans, adwares etc are expected at the most basic level from anti-virus software.  We would want the anti-virus security to be able to defend not only our house computer, as a professional, we would also want the same protection for our corporate system. In order to achieve this objective, the anti-virus safeguards must not only have a complete set of protection requirements, it must also be constantly updated. Blackhats and hackers are creating new threats and malwares rapidly and anti virus protection must be updated more frequently than just yearly to catch up. We would only be guarded against last year risks if only a yearly update was provided.

A good firewall must be available for any best antivirus tool to fend against unknown traffic from outside computers and also to deny any applications or malicious software from emailing out illegal personal information. The security should not reduce the speed of downloads or uploading onto the Internet else the firewall would only frustrate users.
You should consider the Internet behavior of the people who will be using the system that you are installing the antivirus defense. You can then make a decision on which software If you do not download files or torrents regularly, your system defense needs could be less stringent and can survive with a simple antivirus with an email scanner. You can also make do with the Windows firewall but if you are a heavy user who downloads torrent files from dangerous sites, you should install an industrial grade anti-virus security.

I could use free software than paid software

Free anti virus security are famous among computer users and AVG anti virus software is one of those that pc users really demand. There are two divisions, one supporting free software whereas the other divisions supports the paid software. The free camp feels the need for free flowing information while the paid camp sees the need for developers to be paid otherwise they would stop developing new software. Examples of free software is the AVG anti-virus protection while for paid tools, Norton and MacAfee antivirus is pretty popular.

AVG anti-virus is a free software with a paid deluxe version. The free version already has the comprehensive protection features you would find in most paid tools. You get defense against virus, internet phishing and emails scam, hacking attack, and spyware just for the free version of AVG.  It is very suitable for surfing, instant messaging and downloading of software from the Internet. The average Internet user will find that AVG anti-virus protection will be able to meet their usage perfectly, although there will be a large group who will want to go to the paid version for better support.
Totally free antivirus software like AVG are not common, there are many other free software but once you have used for long, the free status will expire and you could be required to pay the upgrade fees or be required to pay for a limited license. All antivirus guard is not able to protect against the latest threats or viruses if not updated regularly. You can always set the software to update automatically so that it does not leave your system vulnerable to external risks.

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