Who Invented the Segway?

Dean L. Kamen is the inventor of the Segway Scooter. Dean is an American Entrepreneur and Inventor from New Hampshire.This gentleman has really made a name for himself. I guess father like son. His father Jack Kamen is the illustrator of Weird Science and other EC comics.

Dean Kamen Inventor of the Segway

Who invented the Segway

A little about this great Inventor Mr.Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen was born in Rockville Centre New York on April 5 1951. Kamen lives in his Mansion in Bedford New Hampshire. It has been said he has a beautiful home with 1960's furniture, secret passages and spiral staircases. Not to mention the observation tower. His Mansion also has at least 4 levels and what home would be complete with out a machine shop. Dean's property has a soft ball field in which the local Police force uses. Kamen gets back and forth to work in one of his two helicopters. Must be nice to have your own launch pad.

Kamen besides inventing the Segway, is known for the inventor of the Auto Syringe which is a mobile dialysis system. He is also the inventor of the first Insulin Pump and the all-terrain Electric Wheelchair,known as the iBot. Dean has also invented for swat teams and emergency workers an compressed air powered device that can launch them into the air so that they could reach the top of tall buildings.In closing his next project in the works is the inventing of a Water Purification System.

Who invented the Segway?

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Who invented the Segway Comment Box: 3 comments

rhyze.. 7 years ago

woe ! im proud of him because he was so great!! he has many inventions.. keep it up!! what a great job!! goodluck!

MR.FITNESSGUY 7 years ago

this is your last chance. DO NOT BUILD STUPID LAZY GADGET!!! agAIN

buy segway 6 years ago

Dean Kamen is a great inventor in my honest opinion.

@Mr.fitnessguy: No this isn't a lazy gadget. This is a good gadget imo. It is great for solving urban traffic problems. It is helpful for people who can't walk easily.

The Segway owner died in an accident. Its quite surprising and sad too, considering he was riding a segway when it happened. Nevertheless, this is a very good invention.

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