Why Article Spinning Software Is A Complete Waste Of Time

Why Article Spinning Software Is A Complete Waste Of Time.

Article spinners are tools that take one article and attempt to create, or spin, hundreds of unique articles based on the original. Well, that’s what it says on the box, but does article spinning really work?

Why Spin Articles?

First of all let’s examine why you might want to create multiple versions of an original article. If you syndicate articles your goal might be to submit unique articles to each article site in order to escape Google’s duplicate content penalty. However, since Google have publicly stated there is no duplicate content penalty, article spinners and article spinning would seem to be a complete waste of time.

For the unscrupulous, article spinning could offer the opportunity to steal the hard work of others and change it in order to pass it off as their own. In truth, article spinners are not very good this.

Article Spinning And Reader Perception

Before getting into the technical reasons why article spinning is a complete waste of time, consider the effect that badly spun articles could have on the reader and their perception of your company or the products you are trying to promote. Imagine the frustration of finding multiple search results that are essentially the same, the tiles might differ slightly and a few words in each paragraph might be altered. Not only will the searcher, who is presumably a prospective customer, increasingly feel you are wasting their time with each discovery of another spun document, they will quickly become aware that you are deliberately spamming them.

Articles that are syndicated without change retain the same title and often the same description. This lets the searcher skip a duplicate result rather than being force fed the same material over and over. Search engines calculate the uniqueness of a document programmatically, humans don’t, by simply changing a few words here and there you will not dupe the human reader.

Article Spinning - What Do The Article Directories Think

I have now had the opportunity to ask some of the people behind the biggest and best known article directories what they thought of article spinning. Here is Guna Seelan of www.submitinme.com had to say on the subject:

“A blog or website that takes a feed from a particular category of ezinearticles and a couple other article sites might become filled with spun articles which will eventually force the blog owner to cancel his syndication from multiple directories.”

“An article that is spun 25 times and submitted to ezine alone will create a big issue in the future and is highly unethical. This will kill the purpose of Article Directories and will mark the death of them. As thousands of articles are submitted every day, it will be next to impossible for even ezinearticles to monitor the spun articles.”

Guna makes two very interesting points. I find it worrying that a product supposedly designed to help with the distribution of articles might hurt the sites and resources that it depends on.

Mel Strocen of www.goarticles.com also commented:

“I expect that as long as article marketing is effective for acquiring traffic and backlinks, article spinning will remain a problem.”

I understand that many authors use Article Spinning to rewrite and reposition their own work in order to escape duplicate content filters. However, it’s my experience that syndicating the same article, untouched and un-spun, produces the results I need by way of achieving rankings and passing link juice.

Article Spinning and Stop Words

Stop words are extremely common words that search engines ignore when indexing pages, calculating relevancy and when interpreting a search query prior to pulling pages from their indices. By simply switching stop words for example ‘this’ to ‘those’ will make no difference to the way a search engine views a page.

This is obviously a very simple example but when you consider that on average 40% of the words in any document are stop words it illustrates that Google will only consider approximately 60% of any document when calculating how unique it is is. Also consider that in order to create documents that are readable, even those created by article spinning, this percentage of stop words has to be maintained.

Below is a comment I recently received on a blog post regarding article spinning and stop words:

  • I have tried out Jetspinner, and manually selecting the words such as "Some", "Many", "several" to replace "those" as in "those people". So one sentence becomes 3 sentences starting with "some people", "many people", "several people".

Unfortunately, this is not the case; ‘some’, ‘many’, ‘several’ and ‘those’ are all stop words so absolutely no benefit would be gained. In this case one sentence remains one sentence.

Article spinning cannot address this problem and in-fact may make things worse. Article spinning is a weak attempt to game search engine algorithms and as such should be used with care if used at all.

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Automated Ebook profile image

Automated Ebook 8 years ago from Germany

Interesting as I have been considering Jet Submitter. Hmmm..

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author

@ Automated. It’s my opinion that you would be wasting your time but I an sure the snake oil salesmen who pedal that nonsense will contradict me soon enough!

multimastery 8 years ago

Very interesting hub Peter! I have so many varied thoughts on this highly controversial subject that I really don't know where to start. What I will agree with is that most article spinning attempts are a piece of crap.  By changing a few words here & there it does nothing.  And oftentimes the spunt content sounds very mechanical and non-human.  I do see a Major problem with this case.

Now if an author wants to create derivative works of their original content i.e. Rewrite it, then I really don't see a problem with that as long as the content is in fact changed significantly.  Also with so many article directories and content sites urging that they don't want any material that you have published somewhere else -- creating different versions of an article may be practically necessary if you want to your material to be included.

So I guess in nutshell what I'm trying to say is... Yes, I totally agree with the "traditional way" that I've seen article spinning done.  However, a writer who takes the time not only to alter a few words here & there in their writings - but to really REWRITE different versions of their article just may benefit.

Just like in person-to-person conversion, oftentimes different people comprehend things in different ways.  You explain something to one person in one way and then you might have to say the same thing with a whole new set of words to drive your point home to the next person.  This is essentially what i mean by Rewriting an article.  It's all about Communication.  We rewrite our statements all the time in real life conversation by basally saying the same thing but using different word choices to communicate with different people in our lives.  Therefore, I see no reason why those same natural human communication skills can't be used on the web effectively as well (as long as it's done tactfully, creatively and ethically!).

I know I rambled on here but I had (and still have) so many varied opinions and angles to discuss this topic.  Thanks again Peter for a thought-provoking hub!!!

Gabriella 8 years ago

We "sorta" spin articles with 4 writers. Basically we give them the same keywords and have each write copy of about 500 words. Obviousely it should be on the same topic not just keywords. Basically we use humans rather than software. Amazing at how creative the human mind can be. :) thanks for sharing Peter.


Anne4153 profile image

Anne4153 8 years ago

Thanks for this hub, Peter. Very informative and great to see more integrity out there. I'm new at affiliate/internet marketing so can you tell me..... Do you think it HURTS the seller to post the same exact article in more than one location?


Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

Your search - Intitle:”Another Look At SEO” - did not match any documents.

Something gone wrong, is it? Not sure what happened, looks like intitle stopped working for me :(

Figured it out - it did not like the capital letter for some reason :D

Oh, and you did not convince me, at least not yet. I might buy into this if you setup the serious comparative test, though :)

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Misha, thanks for pointing out the typo I have corrected it.

I will be happy to set up a comparative test although I think the results from the initle: search pretty much discounts the existence (or perhaps the effectiveness) of a cross domain dupe content filter. And, after all, isn’t the existence of this filter is the reason for using article spinners?

Stephen M profile image

Stephen M 8 years ago from Massachusetts

I agree Peter, having seen some article spinners, 99.9% are worthless

I think Gabriella has the best solution for duplicating articles on a given topic.

I've just set up an article directory at www.onbo.com , I've gotten tired of all the advertising they put inside the content of our articles. Feel free to submit some

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author


My reasoning above is restricted to article syndication and in that respect I have experiences no problems syindicating the same article across multiple domains.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Stephen, there seems to be a problem with the link to www.onbo.com in your profile.

Edward J Clements 8 years ago

I enjoyed your views about making money online, I can see it isn't a piece of cake, it does take a lot of time and researching to learn about it, I sure did spen toms of time looking for that short cut to wealth, not happening her eyet, I have beed at it sense Sept. 2008 studying every night after work, and I learned a lot but still no fast track to wealth yet. the articles left by your visitors were interesting also. thanks and have a nice day pete.

Edward J Clements

Article Spinning 8 years ago

Peter, I agree with you completely that MOST article spinning is a complete waste of time, but not ALL. Article spinning can indeed be VERY POWERFUL, if done right. I once heard someone saying article spinning is for the lazy folks. Well, as strange as it might sound, article spinning is actually for those that are NOT lazy. But of course, I am talking about the RIGHT way of spinning your articles. There's the wrong way and the right way. The wrong way is when you just automatically use the synonym replacement aspect of article spinning software to spit out completely unreadable gibberish, in the name of articles. That's just junk and no one can read even one sentence from such junk articles. But if you really want to get the best from article spinning, then a great deal of effort is required to put into the original work. By a lot of effort I am talking about investing several hours or even days to get one SEED article or a group of SEED articles rewritten with different phrases, sentences and paragraphs. If done right, just one SEED article can be uniquely spun into hundreds or even thousands of copies that can escape the duplicate content filter!One of MOST POWERFUL article spinning tools out there that is completely free is http://www.PlugAndSpin.com

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author

Those are great links Article Spinner. What a really useful and information packed page you have brought to our attention. Did you spend as much time on your article spinner as you did on this page?

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author

It seems HubPages is not immune to the crap article spinners churn out


Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author

This comment was originally posted by Article Spinner. The original post has been deleted so that the links can be removed.

Ha ha ha, Peter... your comments show that you truly really hate article spinning and article spinners. But the truth is that they are NOT the enemy. The enemy are those that use the article spinning tools and system the wrong or evil way.

Like I always say...

Article spinning is evil if you are evil. It is NOT evil if you are NOT evil. This reminds me of a statement I heard sometime ago that goes - There's no evil in the Atom. Only in men's hearts. Those people who made the atomic bomb for the purpose of destroying people are the evil people, not necessary the atom itself. Same applies with article spinning. There's no evil in article spinning... only in men's hearts! So, don't believe those people who go around saying that article spinning is EVIL. It's not.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 8 years ago from Scotland Author

@ Article Spinner I have also removed the duplicate post made on another hub.

Article Spinning 8 years ago

Hey Peter, I took a look at the hub you pointed out - http://hubpages.com/hub/All-about-Toyota-Hybrid-Ca . Yep, it's folks like that who give article spinning a bad name. With folks like that and with content like that you are RIGHT to say article spinning is a complete waste of time because NO ONE will read such junk.

I have said it several times, but it's worth repeating...

It's not enough to just replace one word with dozens of other synonyms. Article spinning is much more than that. Because of the complexity of the English language, just replacing words with synonyms won't do the trick and will only end up giving anyone completely unreadable articles. Instead of thinking synonyms when it comes to article spinning, serious article spinners should think of phrases rewrites, sentences rewrites and paragraph rewrites. When combined, these will give you far more excellent output than just replacing one word with several synonyms.

Stephen M profile image

Stephen M 8 years ago from Massachusetts

Thanks! for the heads up about the link.

I've updated it

david 7 years ago

to manny times people dismiss something because they simply haven't gone down the rabbit hole deep enough to make something work effectively. When i came across article spinning it took me quitte a bit of time to actually find satisfactory answers to the challenges involved with article spinning (i.e. creating unique content variations). Even though I haven't have enough time with submitted spinned articles, so far it is absolutely not been a wast of time. I yet have to come across any solution, traffic generation or otherwise, which does not involve hours of making it your own.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 7 years ago from Scotland Author

David, you assume I haven’t tested article spinners which I have. But if it works for you then thats great. I am in the position where each article I post has to be approved by the client. I cannot do this with spun content regardless how much time I spend tweaking. I see better results through quality not quantity.

Often search engines will see the spun article as an exact duplicate as the original anyway. During the normalisation of a web page a search engine removes all the punctuation and stop-words (probably about 50% of the words on a page) and then reduces the remaining words to their root.

Wealthmadehealthy profile image

Wealthmadehealthy 7 years ago from Somewhere in the Lone Star State

For me, this has been an extremely informative and interesting hub...I know it was written a while back, but I am positive that all the information still holds true...even with the ever changing inet....Thanks for writing this!!!

Ellandriel profile image

Ellandriel 7 years ago from Portugal

I have a question...

What if a person is Spanish or Portuguese and have articles and translate the articles to English. Do you find it also dishonest even the content isn't duplicated?

Translations may also vary from person to person, and texts can never be equal...

Give me your thoughts about this ok?


Simon Brown 7 years ago

I'm having a "it depends what you use it for" moment.

Spun articles in and of themselves are fairly low quality but then the search engines know that. If you have a product that you make and sell, and you have a website as the manufacturer of said product then your site will always rank way, way above some spun article "cluster" if you want to think of it like that.

Bad articles have little link authority but little authority can be better than none when you've tried everything else. After all there must be a few bone heads whose comments on products or music (or whatever) is less than eloquent... and yet the cumulative effect of all those morons mentioning your company and sending round a link to your company, is to confer more authority to you. It's why internet viral marketing works (to an extent). It's also deeply infuriating to those who insist on decent content.

Perhaps just as we have CAMRA (the CAMpaign for Real Ale) we need CARCO (the CAmpaign for Real COntent)... lots of men with beards and sandals objecting to MFAs...

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 7 years ago from Scotland Author

Ellandriel, by changing the language you dont get around copyright law but as far as i know the article would be deemed origional by search engines.

buckheadbetty 7 years ago

great article , besides those article spinners are horrible and have no value anyways

khmohsin profile image

khmohsin 7 years ago from London,UK

I totally agree with you, article spinning is a complete waste of time. Can you tell whether there is any automatic/algorithmic way of catching the "spinned" articles?

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 7 years ago from Scotland Author

khmohsin, I don’t know of anything that might be out there just now. That said, it normally doesn’t take too long for search engines to catch up with techniques aimed to gain their algorithms.

muratos profile image

muratos 7 years ago from Moscow

Surely article spinning is a dead tool for real experts. Article re-writing is still working though.

I wonder what will happen in next 5 years. Maybe, computing power will advance to a level that even our deeply re-written articles will be considered as duplicates !

Or, imagine a future computer software which can generate articles better looking to humans than the articles humans themselves write. LOL

cyoung35 profile image

cyoung35 6 years ago from Corona, CA

I'm not so sure that it is all not worth it. I believe that changing the content and name of the article is definitely worth it because you gain new customers that are looking for the same information by typing in different keywords. By changing the name and description you're giving your article more chances to be seen. I feel as long as the article makes sense and is pleasant to read I see nothing wrong with article spinning. This is why many times authors will put a book on the market and if it doesn't sell they will change the title until they find one that appeals to their market. Many best sellers have gone through this process. I know article spinning is slightly different but it has the same concept I believe, but I could be wrong.

mysalontools profile image

mysalontools 6 years ago

Good point, spinning only makes you jump through more hoops as opposed to just writing unique content from the beginning. You can easily outsource content writers to India/Philippines and then have an American copy-edit them.

Rick Imby 6 years ago

I have been quite successful using article spinners. I have used spinprofit for years. It is simple but takes a long time to do a good spin. I recently was a beta tester for Jon Leger's new "the Best Spinner." He named it correctly. I like it a lot and I have moved my previous spins over to work on this software.

It is a lot of work to do a good spin. It is not for lazy people it is for people who want a lot of content produced for their labor. I have to focus more closely using a spinner than when writing an article.


fdoleac profile image

fdoleac 6 years ago from Hollis, New Hampshire

Thanks for info and all the great comments your post generated. I guess testing a few articles would be a first step.

scheng1 6 years ago

Actually as long as the article spinning process is not automated, it can produce quite good result.

Many high ranking article directories want unique content, that is why many writers spend 4 hours spin one article into 20 articles.

I have tried out Jetspinner, and manually selecting the words such as "Some", "Many", "several" to replace "those" as in "those people". So one sentence becomes 3 sentences starting with "some people", "many people", "several people".

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

scheng1, some, many, those and several are all stop words, google is going to remove them all anyway. So unfortunately in your example one sentence does note become three.

Go and find out how search engines actually work and stop wasting your time with article spinners and posting nonsense here.

TerryGl profile image

TerryGl 6 years ago

I have to disagree Peter. I have always said that anyone who says article spinning is a waste of time obviously does not know how to use the software.

As you are aware search engines looking at suspect articles will also count the words in each article for similiarities, they also look at the structure of the articles, links and titles when comparing them as well as a variety of other comparisons.

That's how article spinners can be made to work in the right hands and by people who know. Each spun article is made unique by not having ANY comparisons at all. That is the art of article spinners.

I consider myself knowledgeable in spinning software. I could in fact take this whole hub and spin it and submit it to over 500 directories without any duplicate content penalty. I could also take another 100 spun articles and put it on squidoo, hubpages and every other web 2.0 without penalty.

Now I could also point a variety of anchor text links from the spun articles to web 2.0 websites and to this, your hub. Imagine the backlink power and visitor traffic? Also imagine the variety of keywords I can also spin targeting this hub extremely deeply?

I disagree, spinners work and they work well, in the hands of those who KNOW how to use them. I like your point of view though and you got it across quite dilegently.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

So, in your opinion, I don't know how to work an article spinner. I would disagree completely, it is in the very nature of my every day business to know what works and what doesn't.

To prove something to you I will write 3 articles on the futility of article spinning, I wont spin them in any way and over the next week or so I will distribute them through blogs and article submission sites. Each article will be posted 100 times and link to this page. The goal is to get into the top 3 google results for 'Article Spinning'

Now if article spinning is effective you would imagine that the developers and devotees of article spinning software are busily spinning away advocating the benefits of article spinning. So if you are correct, I wont be able to do this. If I am correct it should take me about 3 hours to write the articles and about 3 months for the final results to show.

Would you say that is a fair challenge.

TerryGl profile image

TerryGl 6 years ago

Hi Peter, I think you miss the point. Your 3 articles and this hub will not dominate page 1, you will only get one or two listings. Article spinning can dominate upto the first 25 positions not just one. I have one keyword phrase that holds six different positions on page 1. So therefore, article spinning is effective.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

No I have not missed the point. Please show me a set of spun articles that take up the first 25 places for any term that could be considered competitive. I really would like to see this.

I have clients in the most competitive online markets from insurance, to finance to mortgages and believe me articles whether they are spun or not just don’t have the power to rank unless you then started to heavily backlink them.

You could put your spinner where your mouth is and see if you can get a greater percentage of the first page of Google results for the term 'Article Spinning' than I do.

TerryGl profile image

TerryGl 6 years ago

Hi Peter


If you actually look through the five pages in G you will see the references. You will know which ones are mine, they start at positions 1, 2 and 3. Yahoo has a similar result for the keyword phrase.

I accept puttng my spinner to work. I will write a hubpage so you can follow my journey. - article spinning - no quotes is ok by me.

Competitive, hows 1.2 million sound. I take this challenge all in good fun.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

1.2 million pages reflects how many pages contain the words 'membership club playstation psp' or synonyms of those words, not how many pages are targeting the term. The words aren't necessarily together or in the order you specified and indeed all of them don't even need to be present on the page.

A better way to measure the competitive nature of a term would be to search using intitle:"membership club playstation psp" which returns only 219 pages. This is a better way to find pages that are actually targeting a term. A little lower than the figure you quoted and not what I would call competitive in the least.

TerryGl profile image

TerryGl 6 years ago

Maybe so, but you are no doubt impressed! Of those 219 pages you will find most of them are mine.

Here's the hub I started for our mini challenge - http://hubpages.com/hub/Article-Spinning-Hubpage

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

We need to set a final date to tally the score, can I suggest May 31st. We will also need to note the IP of data centre that will be used, otherwise we could be looking at entirely different set of results.

TerryGl profile image

TerryGl 6 years ago

Agreed. End of May. I am happy with screenshots. Good luck.

Spinner Guy 6 years ago


I have been doing SEO for over 10 years and hang out with all the top SEO's at conferences, I have even been invited to speak many times. I think this is the same issue as "was it the gun, or the person that killed someone" The simple answer is that the tools available today don't make it easy to make really good spun content. Top that off with some lazy spammers, and it gives spun content a bad name. I am working on a tool to do spinning that I will offer a subscription to. The reason I am doing this is I actually need a good tool to use for my clients, and the tools out there now suck hands down. I will post a link for you when it's done in a few months. I can solve the idiot problem, but I can make a better spinning & submission tool. I can't go into why you need a spin tool, but trust me you do if you want to maximize the value of each submission. Also the future of the internet is user behavior and user voting, so if you make spun crap, your content is just going to be ignored. You will still find it int eh index, but it's not going to help you, same goes with submitting duplicate content all over the place.

Spinner guy

electricsky profile image

electricsky 6 years ago from North Georgia

I've been marketing online since 1995 and have written many articles - both spun and unspun. Here is my unbiased perception of the results I have personally seen. Actually this applies to more than just spun articles. The vast majority of people trying to make money online are so lazy they're their own worse enemy. I think they've bought into some of the con ads about working 15 minutes a day and going to the beach and coming home and depositing all your money in the bank. Most automated article spinners are absolute crap, but people use them because they are easy and require no effort. Most comments I see on do-follow blogs are absolute crap because people don't take the time to write something of value. If you take the time to properly spin an article it can and will work.

hankuspankus profile image

hankuspankus 6 years ago

Great list of comments and great article! I am just beginning Internet Marketing and you can see these spun articles a mile away. Some that I've looked at in researching competitors are hardly even in english, more like Lorem Ipsum!

It seems to me that the article submission thing has to crash, just as keyword stuffing in the days of metatags led SE's to mostly ignore them. Article sites are too full of duplicate content. Somehow the pendulum has to swing back so that articles are actually written by people wanting to create useful content. Like, organic, eh?

thanks again!

Savings Account Payday Loans 6 years ago

I agree that Article Spinners are trash. Unique content is and always will be the way to go. People in the marketing industry seem to just go for the money and not try to actually provide real information to help people!

Martin Leyton 6 years ago

All very interesting comments i agree that it is the lazy way and it looks like the main concern is grab the cash and forget that your wanting to give value and genuinely want to help. The misconception with the Internet is many believe little work is required or they feel they don't want to spend much time on this type of marketing if that is the case then this business is not for them.

pam 6 years ago

I found this to be a really interesting post and am looking forwards to seeing the results. For the record i found this page on google at position #7 for the broad term

article spinner

I wonder who is winning? :~)

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

The term being targeted was 'article spinning', and the results were to be based on the results from a US based IP. But the competition was called of some time back so unfortunately there will be no official winner. Just checked and just for the record I am in position 3 for 'article spinning' on a US IP. :-)

Ryan Hidajat 6 years ago

I was planning to buy thebestarticle spinner, the video really looks good and telling that their software are really powerful... then I was googling about "article spinner", and this page comes with that keyword... it makes me think thousand time to bought the article spinner.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Ryan, the fact that this page ranks on the front page of Google for 'article spinner' and not one spun article was used to get it there should tell you something. Another fact to consider is 'article spinner' is not the primary keyphrase this page targets. Those two facts alone should tell you everything you need to know about article spinning software.

Alan 6 years ago

I disagree completely. While there is no Google "penalty" the point you miss is that Google will only index the first source for that content, and the other 30 copies distributed that are not spun and are 100% duplicates will not find their way into the index and not generate backlinks. Furthermore, the argument that readers will be put off by spun content assumes that your intention (or belief) is that the articles are being used to generate traffic. That is but ONE purpose. The other intent is use use them to generate links (far more effective than expecting much on the click thru's from readers). This is especially relevant since most article directories go to great extents to hide your links from the reader. I agree with TerryG on this one...

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Alan that is Total and complete crap! Duplicate content filters don’t stop content being indexed, in fact this article ranks for multiple terms related to article spinning, outranking a lot of the hype ‘spun’ to promote garbage generating article spinners. Yet it’s all done on duplicate content!

like many thousands of other visitors to this page you probably found this article via a search engine, it would seem therefore, that your understanding of how duplicate content filters work is flawed. If duplicate content is not indexed and the links on those duplicate pages are not counted how the hell does this article rank?

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Alan, I just visited the page you linked to from your comment. I would assume that the term you are attempting to rank for is 'Best Spinner' since it’s all over the page, in the title and used in a headline. What I don’t understand is why you rank mid page 4 on Google if article spinning is so effective, especially when you consider how uncompetitive the term actually is.

I just thought I should point that out to anyone who read your comment.

Akshay 6 years ago

I read your page and consider it is very useful who read it implement for their sites.

Adine 6 years ago

Hi Peter, did you heard about this new article service? I've just subscribed :-)


Their team promises to give you a 500+ words article, that’s original, interesting, of high quality, and passes copyscape. Clickbank product reviews and articles about general Internet marketing are available.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Adine, one look at the content on the home page tells you how much they know about writing for the web - absolutely nothing! My advice would be to give this service as wide a body swerve as possible.

nadp profile image

nadp 6 years ago from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA

I'm new to the idea of article spinning and this hub and comments have provided a lot of good information. But like with anything else, it has also made me aware of more things that I DON'T know! I guess I'll just have to keep reading yours and your followers hubs - all are excellently written.

Julie 6 years ago

I've just been ranting about this on my blog. Although, I've gotten many a laugh out of the article spinners. I've been having fun inputting example paragraphs and seeing what comes out. It's like an online game of Mad Libs.

Tom Myers 6 years ago

Peter, I know you gave Alan short shrift but he seems to have the better end of this. But if you're right, I really want to know. My understanding is that Google does not "punish" duplicate content in the sense that it will cause you harm if you post it. Rather, it "ignores" duplicate content of lower authority. So if you publish an ezinearticle and then publish the same article in pretty much another directory Google will ignore every other listing. So re-publishing duplicates would have no value from a backlinks perspective or to help your page ranking (although it may conceivably help if there are more copies floating out there for random readers to click-through directly). On the other hand, if you could publish multiple versions of an article that Google would not consider a duplicate, you would have a separate backlink for each article. If you think my understanding is incorrect, please let me know. In terms of spinning software, I just have no confidence in the final product or its ability to fool Google or article directories. And I'm a little concerned with having my name associated with articles generated that way. Another point I suppose is that quality of backlinks can matter more than quantity. So if you have an article published in ezinearticles and a few of the others, it is probably of not much greater marginal utility to have your spinning software get you published in another 100 directories to get 100 weak backlinks. Though I don't use software, I do "spin" in the sense that I write a quality article for one directory, and then re-write every sentence of the article for a second directory. Every sentence and every word is different (and this is easy to do) but in truth the structure and information content of the two articles is not much different. It has worked well and I think I am getting two quality links rather than one. Disagree?

redmalloc profile image

redmalloc 6 years ago from East Bay/SF

Thanks for the article, you said it much better than I could have. I think a lot of us are on the same page. It seems to me that really good article spinning takes a very substantial effort and in that case, why not focus that effort on something more beneficial?

hospitalera profile image

hospitalera 6 years ago

I use only one spinner, the one that is situated between my two ears ;-) SY

TBM 6 years ago

what about using content writers in India or other "relatively" English speaking countries? Many speak and write English well and in fact better than some of us stateside.

Mike 6 years ago

Well it seems that even though you pulled out of the challenge your 10 articles have still come up trumps against your opponents 1000 articles (plus backlinking campaign). This page is 3rd in Googles SERP with your opponent appearing as a sub page. I have long thought that article spinning was waste of time as are SEO strategies such as making forum profile back links (from what I can tell you would need at least 10000 of these links to gain 1PR!)

The only advocates of article spinners seem to be those who are trying to sell them or their affiliates. It's good to see someone advocating the creation of unique and quality content instead of encouraging spam, plagiarism and black hat techniques.

article marketing seo 6 years ago

I think this hub is making a big deal out of a very small issue. You can create spun articles that will be viewed as unique articles and indexed. But it's by no means easy. I've had success using the traditional way of article marketing where you publish articles through article directories and hope to the SEO gods that they get syndicated and I've also had success in article spinning. No big deal.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Of course, as an affiliate for Magic Article Rewriter I would expect this type of response. But, as Mike says in the comment prior to yours "The only advocates of article spinners seem to be those who are trying to sell them or their affiliates."

Although, it is laughable that you use a keyword loaded link back to your site, nice try, unfortunately links from the comments here are nofollow.

article marketing seo 6 years ago

Your one big fault, imho, is that you do not keep an open mind. if you did, you would know that there are certain niches that you can propel to the top of the search results using even no-follow links/comments (don't you notice how good some of those no-follow e-how links are to your rankings?) exclusively (!!!). Many others have been noticing this and i urge you to keep an open mind and do experiments.

i publish an average of 2000 words unique articles everyday. I deep spin articles on the side to good effect. I comment.

This great divide that you're trying to "spin" is futile. You keep laughing. I keep working. Thanks for approving my comments and more success to your online business.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

article marketing seo, good luck trying to rank for article spinning using nofollow links, hey I got good rankings using 100% duplicate content. But then again we are talking about a market dominated by morons trying to sell a pile of crap to the gullible.

Did I say there was no benefit in nofollow, in fact if you read some of my comments on past forum posts you will find your assumption of my assumption based on a closed mind is simply wrong.

I have all the success online that I require, need or want, but thanks for the kind words anyway.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 6 years ago

Hi Peter - Just wanted to say I love your SEO training course, and this particular hub on article spinning. It's not something I do, or would want to do.

I've read your thoughts on duplicate content but can you clarify it for me? (I'm feeling a bit dense today, lol!) One of the clients I write for has asked whether it's worth using the same content on her website for marketing articles and I'm not sure?

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Susana, that’s not a good idea, while I use duplicate content to gain back links quickly I do so in the knowledge that Google will filter out nearly all the pages from their results. I still get the benefit of the back links but I have no control over which pages are filtered. So, by using the same content on your client’s website as you push out through articles could cause the pages on your client’s site to be filtered.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 6 years ago

Many thanks for replying Peter :) I thought as much, but I'm pleased to hear you confirm it for me.

So when you publish duplicates of your work do you wait a while for the original to gain a foothold or just hope and pray, lol? I'm just thinking that I wouldn't want a duplicate that I'm *not* going to earn through to get to the top of the serps, while my hubpage/blog post or whatever is relegated to the dump.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Susana, I am not particularly worried about how the duplicates rank it’s the page they point to that counts, the money page if you like. As long as the articles being syndicated are substantially different from the money page it’s not a matter of hoping the money page will rank it’s how quick will it rank.

I usually syndicate each article to anywhere between 20 to 50 different article directories or blogs. For low competition keyphrases perhaps 2 articles each posted 50 times can be enough to secure a first page position. For more competitive terms I might drop the number of times I syndicate the same article to maybe 20 or so but write 10 or more articles to make up the numbers.

Hope that makes sense.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 6 years ago

Ok I get it. You write a different article for the promotion. Makes perfect sense - thank you :)

Susana S profile image

Susana S 6 years ago

Hi again :) Can you recommend any article submitting software or do you do it all manually?

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

One of the easiest ways to distribute articles is through http://1waylinks.net/ its relatively straight forward and your nor restricted to linking from an authors box.

thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

According to Google they do not punish duplicate content, the punish Spam content. Which they then give one of the definitions as the same article or a spun article posted all over the internet.

As you know I don't agree with duplicate content, however I think that you would have a lot more success with duplicate content than spun content, which I rarely see make the first page of google for any real keywords.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Oli can you link me to anything said by google that defines duplicate content as spam.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

What Google say about syndicating duplicate content:

# Syndicate carefully: If you syndicate your content on other sites, Google will always show the version we think is most appropriate for users in each given search, which may or may not be the version you'd prefer. However, it is helpful to ensure that each site on which your content is syndicated includes a link back to your original article. You can also ask those who use your syndicated material to use the noindex meta tag to prevent search engines from indexing their version of the content.


Dan Walter 6 years ago

LOL LOL I wanted to check the date on this article because it seems to have been written for the LAST CENTURY. You obviously haven't heard of The Best Spinner by Jonathan Leger. Google for it and learn.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

O Danny Boy The The Spam The Spam Is Calling.

Rowland O'Connor 6 years ago

The whole argument of "spinning" needs some common sense and perspective. Article "Spinning" is not a crime and many people already do it without even realising.

I've bloged my thoughts at


Is it "wrong"? If done poorly, sure.

Is it any less legitimate than sub contracting articles for re-writing. Hmm - questionable.

On the duplicate content issue, for anyone that needs clarification look up "supplemental index" in Google.

Eric Graudins profile image

Eric Graudins 6 years ago from Australia

Hi Peter,

Good to see that you're still on the job.

Personally, I don't think that it will be too long before the current "best practice" of getting as many backlinks as possible will be useless.

Remember that the use of backlinks from other sites became a major factor in Googles ranking algorithm because Google was not able to reliably determine the quality of a site from the on site content alone.

(ie keyword stuffing, meta tag manipulation, etc.)

It doesn't make sense to spend 5% of your time creating quality content, and 95% of time getting backlinks for it.

But that's what people are doing nowadays, and have come to accept it as normal.

But if you step back and think about what you're doing, its crazy.

Current "best practice" encourages you to have hundreds (thousands?) of articles with links on a variety of sites pointing back to your "money page"

Google's main aim is to connect searchers with what they are looking for.

And with their advances in LSI, etc. I think that they could now do that just by looking at the content of a page and a site.

And if that were to come about, all the garbage article directories and linking sites would instantly become useless.

And spewing forth spun or unspun articles would become as useless as stuffing your page with keywords that are the same colour as the background.

see http://hubpages.com/technology/SEO-Google-and-Back for more along the same lines.


Eric G.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Eric, good to hear from you again, I am going to be in New Zealand later this year and would love to meet up with you.

ZarkoZivkovic profile image

ZarkoZivkovic 6 years ago from Serbia

I personally don't like article spinning, I used article spinners like Jet and ArticleQast and I got really good at it. In the end I could always tell which articles where spun, not just my own, but also spun articles from others. There is just the feeling that it's a bot who wrote them and search engines will pick up on them sooner or later, so I prefer to manually rewrite my articles when needed.

Zak J 6 years ago

Article spinning is really just a breed of black hat SEO, I would say as much as 80% of articles that I read have been spun in some form or another. It's a real shame for those that take the time to write the articles in the first place. The grammar in these SEO articles is often very poor and i hope Google eventually clamp down on this.

Sylvie Strong profile image

Sylvie Strong 6 years ago

Can I echo how obvious and unpleasant it is to read a spun article? It is like the other is flipping me the bird. When I hubhop I come across obviously spun hubpages with some regularity. I always flag them. If you can get backlinks by syndicating the same article then why go to the time and expense of spinning? All you will do is insult the reader that is unfortunate enough to find them.

Sleeping Bag 6 years ago

I have been debating this article spinning software for a while and I think this article has done enough to put me off it. Thanks for saving me some money :)

JulieBMack profile image

JulieBMack 6 years ago from Colorado

Glad to have found your hubs! I never really thought of doing this because it seems like cheating somehow and highly unethical. I write because I enjoy it. It seems if you are spinning articles, you may not be in the 'write' line of work!

DianeHughes 6 years ago

I agree with JulieB. After seeing a demonstration on spinning, I felt a lump in the pit of my stomach that told me something just wasn't right.

I could be wrong but I am not sure it is right for me.

Martin Capodici 6 years ago

Peter, I think you might be misleading when you say "Since Google have publicly stated there is no duplicate content penalty..."

On Google support (http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answe... it says that:

"Google tries hard to index and show pages with distinct information."

I interpret that to mean that Google aims to show non-duplicate results in SERPs.

You probably won't be penalised for having the same text on your site in 2 places, especially if you follow their guidelines.

But the same text copied to 2 different sites is unlikely to appear both in the top 10 of a search result as Google is aiming to provide distinct information there.

There are some exceptions of course - I think Lyrics sites are an example. And pagerank will play a factor too.

Anyway it's not as simple as you make it out to be, and perhaps the article spinners aren't "Snake Oil" after all ...?

Gavin Boyd 6 years ago

I have been trying out some tests recently and have come up with something that seems to work. As so many people have mentioned it article spinning does work if you use it correctly (if there is such a thing)! I used spin profit, it is not and automated service, you have to do all the hard work yourself.

.First write a unique 400 word article

.Place it in spin profit

.use the special characters to split the article

.Create 3 titles

.Create 3 sub titles for each other heading

.For every second sentence make two

.change a word in every sentence

.Spin 10 times

.You have 10 articles that will pass Googles Shingle filters and duplicate content filters

I have not long tried this out after trying other variables and this method worked best for SEO purposes. I got "hotels in Bristol" from 60th to 18th using this method.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Gavin, my experience is that you get some benefit for a while, two or three months maybe , then pages just seem to drop out if the index. Hope it doesn’t happen to you.

Albert Davidson 6 years ago

This is quite informative. For some article directories though that delete articles more that 6 months old, it may still be worth doing article spinning. But I believe this should be done manually rather than automated by a software to ensure readability and value to the reader.

CollegePrepU profile image

CollegePrepU 6 years ago

Hi...great Hub!

You said: "However, it’s my experience that syndicating the same article, untouched and un-spun, produces the results I need by way of achieving rankings and passing link juice."

Is this to say that you have used an unaltered article on more than one site, and haven't been penalized or flagged for duplicate content?

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

CollegePrepU, there is no duplicate content penalty. Duplicate content will be filtered from results but will still pass link juice. I usually syndicate each article somewhere between 20 and 40 times. This is content that is specifically written to be syndicated so that none of the pages on my main website gets filtered i.e. it's substantially different. The link juice that comes back from 40 or so articles syndicated in this way far exceeds the link juice of one article and it makes ranking for target terms a lot easier.

opensourcevarsity profile image

opensourcevarsity 6 years ago from Mumbai / India

Hi Peter,

I'm very much a newbie at Hubpages and I've got an issue that I'd like to ask you about.

What do you do when you copy / paste an article as is on a website or Blog you own into a hub you are creating?

HubPages flags that pretty quickly as duplicate content. Hubpages also has its own penal system where the links placed on the Hub become No Follow. This is what I've read in the HubPages FAQ's.

How then does link juice flow to your parent site, i.e. the site you've copy pasted content from?

GuitarMan 6 years ago

Some really great information here, In a way all this backlink madness is Googles fault. Everybody knows that the top 3 ranking is where the money is made, and in a healty commercial world its nothing wrong to try to aim for that position with your sites.

Search engines have not really figured out how to rank sites in a good way. First it was all about on page seo and then it went to be all about of page seo.

About spinning, It will always be possible to spin articles with a fairly good sticking rate way better time management than writing each article manually. Its just more so that these most commercial spinning tools are just plain crap. Internet has to be closed down as known to man if you want to stop spinning to work. It just that almost no one knows how to do this properly or have access to the creative tools that is needed.

Then if its ethical or not that's also another question.

In a way it might actually be good that there is a possibility to spin content. It might not be as good as standard articles. But this way others than just SEO company's their clients or famous people that don´t need to build backlinks can actually claim top rankings for decent competitive keywords.

With the amount of links needed to compete these days. It would simply not be doable for average Joe with on his own or his small staff of writers.

Stephen Crowley profile image

Stephen Crowley 6 years ago from Wales, UK

there is a big difference between rewriting an article and spinning an article ,and this is where you need to start your views here. Do you want quality? Spinning is not the way, it is the lazy approach, and invites thousands of black hatters to spam the net. Rewriting an article that covers the same facts but may take a different viewpoint is fine. But spinning to try and fool the SEs, if you do this for your marketing, hate to tell you - YOU are the fool! Expect trouble - banned sites, banned from directories, get labelled as a black hatter and join the world of would-be marketers...

Seanbo 6 years ago

While I think article spinning results in crap articles all over the Internet and polluting the directories, I feel I MUST say, if you think the GOOG does not penalize you for duplicate content... think again! I have seen firsthand...

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Google filters duplicate content so if you put content on your own site that is also syndicated elsewhere you could see your own pages being filtered. As I keep pointing out, this page ranks very well for the term 'article spinning' and that ranking has been achieved by syndicating duplicate content.

Dayton Ohio 6 years ago

I am constantly writing articles etc... and have never spun an article. They look very goofy and never make sense. I have seen my articles spun from other people and it looks ridiculous!

Article Spinner 6 years ago

A good article spinner for free is http://www.contentprofessor.com

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Article Spinner, in your video you say that writing articles is a stonage tactic. Can I ask, where do the articles come from that you spin?

Jenny Jonels 6 years ago

I just seen the video. I think your question to Article Spinner is simple. That would be from PLR content. You can get that almost anywhere. Also, I found during the signup process, the website sends you to a free PLR resource to obtain PLR content. Overall, I think the spinner is good. I haven't really tested it for very long but has potentials.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Good Luck Jenny! Are you going to spin PLR content and post it on HubPages? I hope not, there is enough of that kind of crap here already.

Jenny Jonels 6 years ago

Not all PLR content is crap. And i was just trying to make a point. What a mindset? You asked, "Can I ask, where do the articles come from that you spin?" Obviously, you seem to not think outside the box, so I answered your question. Whatever you may say, do or think of you can get content. Bottom line! And Yes I will spin PLR content for my article marketing efforts. I do it all the time to build backlinks and you know what, it is one of my best source of traffic beside adswaps. I'm no newbie, so please respect where I'm coming from.

Note: The whole point of an article spinner is to create hundreds of new articles from a seed articles. Would you pay a ghost writer to write articles to a bunch of article directories. If you had the money, be my guess. A more productive way would be to spin the content, and make it unique. The readability is up to the person spinning the content, not the software. Because overall, you have control over your article. Machines/Softwares can't do everything. They can only increase productivity.


littleman 6 years ago


PennyPR 6 years ago

Interesting that the enthusiasm for article spinning seems to be in direct proportion to the lack of spelling and grammar!

It is not surprising that people can easily tell when a machine takes up the pen.

There are linguistic researchers with software that can tell whether two pieces of text have been written by the same person. They can do that because we all display slightly different patterns in the way we use language. Our writing styles are therefore as unique as a fingerprint.

We all have our own special voice.

Even with natural language filters, I would guess that this multiplicity of linguistic variation will be very hard to emulate.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

littleman, I think the swampland is between your ears. Firstly I do not promote putting duplicate content on your own site, only for syndication. Does it work? As i keep pointing out this article currently ranks extremely well for 'Article Spinning' outranking every single promoter and developer of article spinning software on Google for the term. The ranking has been achieved by using 100% duplicate content not spun content.

Thanks for the laugh, it’s been a long hard day and your post was the perfect release.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Jenny, when I publish an article it is vital that it either features heavily on a benefit that is specific to my business or helps differentiate it from ditect competitors. PLR is highly generalized and is written by people who have no experience of my business or commercial goals. Why on earth would I use or even take the time to rewrite something that is wholly unrepresentative of what I do. It’s easier and much more effective to write an original article from scratch.

As far as thinking out of the box is concerned, if you think that spinning PLR content fits the bill it shows just how little value you place on the intended reader and if you are doing it commercially how little value you place on the business.

Jenyy 6 years ago

Like I said, I previously said, article spinning main purpose to create hundreds of articles from a seed article. Why is this good? What is its purpose? Main reason why article was developed was to avoid duplicant content. Not duplicant on blog sites specifically, however for article directories, bookmark, etc. This saves a lot of money in the SEO business. Now you can do linkwheels with just one seed article. You don't have to buy 15 unique articles from a writer no more. Moreover, Quality is indeed important, and it the best article spinning application that is trying to improve the readability, and efficiency of article spinning. Now with the best spinner, llama spin, and content professor users can now spin articles with a user generated thesaurus database, which makes spun articles have more readability and uniqueness. So is article spinning a waste of time? No - It's a smarter and better way of gaining quality content with saves money for your SEO business. Quality shouldn't be much of a factor anyway when you are submitting your article to a bunch of directories, just as long as their readable. And that is up to the article spinner choosing the right variations, not the article spinner application itself.

Article spinners can only make your article spinning experience easy and more efficient. Last but not least, you said "As i keep pointing out this article currently ranks extremely well for 'Article Spinning' outranking every single promoter and developer of article spinning software on Google for the term. The ranking has been achieved by using 100% duplicate content not spun content." I don't think you realize how your so called "duplicant content" is unique with the many contribution of my comments, as well as many others. It's like a forum with a copied and paste quote. Soon after, a bunch of forum members start adding content to it with their own opinions and such. The forum post that was copied and paste originally would probably rank high in the search engine with all the added content from users. And if the discussion is good, some members might even link it to their sites, which might have high pr. And bam another factor in SEO that’s increasing your rankings. I hope you fully understand. Therefore, please don't make it seem like this page with your above comment proves duplicant doesn't exist, or individuals don't have to work as hard when it comes to SEO and duplicate content. That's not right. O wells, I think I’m done with this page. Overall article spinning is excellent. It not only beneficial to creating unique content, but can open new business opportunities for you as well. You can probably sell spun articles and make a profit off of it. Article spinning was developed for a reason, and solved a solution for many, especially in article marketing -- The most effective and used Seo strategy in today’s online marketing world. There are so many ideas to what you can do with an article spinner. Don’t be close minded and judge so quickly, and say its waste of time. I strongly disagree!

Tom_Radford profile image

Tom_Radford 6 years ago from London

Pow! So glad to see this worked. I've tried spinning and, to be honest, it's really boring and the end results end up being less and less like the original article which I painstakingly phrased in the first place. Down with evil spinners! Great stuff!

Greatar4 6 years ago

Well, if your spend time spinning your articles it is going to work.

greg 6 years ago

I have just a quick question. my blog is based off blogged information from bigger blogs, I see the info, I re-write it, and then submit it and source it, wouldn't article spinning help me, at lease speed things up? also, i blog for my own personal blog, as well as I am paid to blog for someone else, and the two blogs have one shared category of information, wouldn't article spinning help me avoid breaking intellectual property rights of information I wrote myself, but belong to someone else? I'm not concerned with duplicate content filters, and I'm not concerned with spamming, i just need to find twos to make blogging go faster for me, so that I can earn more money, while focusing more on school work, I'm not trying to spin 100 articles out of one, only 2 articles out of 1 that someone I already re-post from normally, has written.

Slin 6 years ago

Yeah, i've tested around a bit, really no difference between spinning content and not.

I can get two articles at separate directories with the same content indexed just as easily as 2 heavily spun articles.

Why anyone would think different is beyond me.

BBC Web Hosting 6 years ago

I think article spinning is not a good way to generate a new content, because nowadays there are many writers, that write a fresh article for you with a cheap price!

so its better to write new articles instead of spinning!

nell79 profile image

nell79 6 years ago from United States

I didn't even know that this kind of software existed until I read this article (the title caught my attention). Seems like something I would stay away from anyway.

Still on the fence about duplicate material....

James112 6 years ago

Article spinning and submitting are a waste of time in my opinion. Not a real waste of time when thinking of seo but it doesn't add any value to you, your message, your site and also the big brains in Google are not very fond of it too.

Abraham 6 years ago

I run an article directory and delete large number of spun articles every day. They are a menace.

Abraham 6 years ago

By the way I don't delete the articles from my article directory because they are spun but because they are gibberish.

John  6 years ago

As an article directory site owner, I do receive some of the worse spun articles I've ever seen. It is possible to spin articles so that they do read correctly, you just have to take the time to add the correct words. Some people don't care, they put the dollar first instead of their reputation.

Article Spinning 6 years ago

While I agree that article spinning software is the worst creation ever, proper article spinning... done manually, can make a huge difference in your seo efforts.

Victoria 6 years ago

I believe article spinning is a waste of precious time. I prefer to outsource article than to waste a whole lot of time spinning article

Keep in mind others might have spinned the same content and use the same synonyms.

TopUniverse 6 years ago

You are absolutely right. Article spinning is a complete waste of time. Most internet marketers fails in their effort to earn money by way of article spinning.

Norj 5 years ago

Certainly article spinning is a waste of time and it tends to divert the intention of the original article that you are writing. It is similar to copy and paste cycle but the difference is that you use dictionary to change a certain word or words in order for it to become unique article.. So why spinning articles more than 25 blogs?

lol please 5 years ago

Article spinnig and submission does work. I have seen it work over and over again for multiple sites I own for keywords over 15,000 searches/month. First off dont steal people's content. Write your content (kiss my ass not sharing that secret with you). Second make sure your spins are under 60% different. Screw you guys I dont feel like typing it all, I'll just let you figure it out on your own hahah...

Splice Web Design 5 years ago

Great article - and an informative series of comments. I've been considering article spinning to submit distinct articles to each article site - writing the initial one, then posting a variation for each site.

From your comments, this is not likely to be more beneficial than just posting my original - is this correct?

I am being put off writing articles, as it can take some time to write one, and then within a week I find dozens of badly mauled copies floating around with no accreditation or links - it's galling that so many sites think it's fine to just use content without doing the very simple steps of leaving a link to the original.

Jonathan: Splice Web Design: http://www.SpliceMarketing.co.uk

mbartine 5 years ago

Peter - are you still using 1waylinks.net? I'm considering getting it, but I suspect that tools can become less effective over time if they're in any kind of gray area with Google.

Thanks for this informative Hub! - Mac

Hawaii Rehab Guy 5 years ago

I am continuing to look for solutions for the large amount of content we require. It's a tough job, and employing 20 or so people is definitely our of the question.

Maybe one day someone will come up with something so I can sleep at night and not endlessly be writing.

Dan 5 years ago

Spinners are not a waste of time or money or effort. With a good spinner software and some work you can get hundreds of unique articles using one master article.

I usually get 60-70% uniqueness without affecting the reader.

And with a good article submitter which allows spin titles, article body, keywords and resources you will have hundreds of different articles with different backlinks.

As foir stealing other people content. You don't have to do it. I just buy the article and after that I spin it.

Zach 5 years ago

Guys, Article Spinning is not just spitting out unreadable and meaningless gibberish to the readers, it is much more than that. Replacing a word with synonyms is what many people think when they think about an article spinner. As many have pointed out that it is an art of spinning sentences, phrases and paragraphs to create robust and unique articles. That's right and it is not at all a lazy man's option, you need to do a lot of hard work to create good quality spun articles.

wordtothewiser 5 years ago

Spinners will never work. Robots will never spin words as efficiently, eloquently, or as understandably as a human can.

Here is a link to my video focusing on one particular product called article marketing robot...Enjoy!


Article Rewriter Software 5 years ago

I hated having to manually check all the words and trying to add words was a pain in the butt. Didn't work out for me. I gave up on it. Too much work for too little return.

Here's my review of Matt Callen's Rapid Rewriter. It's an article rewriter, not a "spinner".


free backlink 5 years ago

I totally agree with you guys, article spinner will not work completely 100% effective to conveying and attracting readers, especially customers. Some how, some way it is good for SEO performance. for example, you are not good at writing, and the customer asks you to get his keyword to the top page of google for 3 weeks. How can you do it without submitting new articles to article website for link juice. For me, it is not perfect, but article spinner will work for someone who knows how use it efficiently.

sleeping bags 5 years ago

sir your Article Spinning is not just spitting out unreadable and meaningless gibberish to the readers, it is much more than that. Replacing a word with synonyms is what many people think when they think about an article spinner.iphone 3gs cases

sleeping bags

mike 5 years ago

Things have moved on since this page was originally created. I go along with more recent comments. The best spinners are semi automatic and do a great job of easing the burden of spinning to produce lucid, unique articles in the hundreds.

Why bother? Well although each directory article carries little weight, they can add a great deal to your overall link profile combined with other link sources.

I use sentence level and word level spinning and submit to blog networks and directories and they do make a big difference when combined with other methods. Just don't totally rely on them.

michal 5 years ago

Like everyone, I want my original article to rank and that is why I'm posting in so many other magazines (for back links)

1- Do I actually have to change an article to keep ranking in Google (can I just put the same article in 10 directories?)

2- If I do it manually, what sort of words do i have to switch? how much?

Weber Genesis E320 5 years ago

Now that google has all their new rules and are cracking down on all the article sites, is there any point in articles spinning? (is there any point in putting articles in so may article directories?)

Bläckpatroner 5 years ago

I think google has made some sigificant changes lately in its way to handle article sites. It´s just a waste of time with article spinning.

doitex profile image

doitex 5 years ago from Latvia

Money = value. If you do work without adding value - do not expect money from it.

What is value? When you help to people to solve their problems. Articles provides information how to solve problems - where to find products, solutions etc

You can get the same piece of text and make new package for it - you can add some extra links, you can set up some new design. You can do a lot of things to add value to any existing text.

From where you get sentences for your "own" articles? Your "original" articles? Thats right - you have read some book, you have read some news or watch TV or learned in scool or heard from some friend - all this information you packaged in "your" article. But content never is yours. Only packaging is yours :)

From where I get idea about "value = money". From Greg Habstritt. He? From Napoleon Hill. He? From hundreds of millioners? They? I dont know.. You see - one idea but thousands of packaging.

If you believe that by spinning text and spreading that 1 idea all around the internet is meaningfull and will help at least to 1 people to find solution - then YES, it is added value.

If you are spinning articles because you just want to get quick easy-money and no other idea in your mind while you are doing that - then NO value is added. If your work is just for you - it wont be covered by money.

You must love what you are doing and must be concern that it will benefit other people. If this idea is in your mind - no problems. Do spinning (but please no porno, narcotics ets). Spinn good things for people.

If you feel guilty about what you are doing - don't spinn articles then. That means it's not for you.

Refinancing Mortgage Rates 5 years ago

Lets keep this short and sweet. Even after the Google Farmer update, spinning articles works good. Its a backlinking thing. Forget about quality and traffic.

bmukherjii profile image

bmukherjii 5 years ago

I appreciate what you said in this post. So i voted this up

wingedcentaur profile image

wingedcentaur 5 years ago from That Great Primordial Smash UP of This and That Which Gave Rise To All Beings and All Things!

Wow! It looks like everybody and his pet parrot had something to say about this essay.

Anyway, thank you for this informative analysis. You know, before I joined HubPages fifteen months ago, I had never heard of such a thing as article spinning. The practice seems to embody an interesting paradox.

On the one hand the motivations seems to be precisely the same as athletes who take steroids, to enhance athletic performance. But from what I've been reading, spinning seems to noticeable always LOWER performance, and yet it persists. Odd.

Take care.

hoyce 5 years ago

it is clear you have never really spun a nested article. a proper article compensates for n-grams, stop words and even unicoded stop words rotations read naturally while distributing unique content. additionally stop words are only "stop words" in "search". stop words are part of the "unique" audit and when google assigns n-grams to combinations of stop words - they must be spun.

if you don't know what unicoded stop word rotation is, or n-grams. it's ok, a lot of people don't. i like your writing but i . . . can kind of tell your not intimate with the mechanics behind the process. that wasn't to offend, but i think it's transparent.

Pau Experto 5 years ago

"consider the effect that badly spun articles could have on the reader and their perception of your company or the products you are trying to promote" I totally agree with this.

Like Matt Cutts says sometimes: guess what? not everything in the world is about SEO. We don't have to forget that there are many other important things, like in this case the image we are giving of the company.

Hot Article Spinner 5 years ago

Interesting article

Brent 5 years ago

Spinning articles is a great tool only if you do it manually and don't create gibberish.

The proper way to do a manual spin is to spin every other word, spin every sentence, and also to spin every paragraph... and I personally recommend spinning the entire article (so there are two versions). This way you can have many unique versions that vary in actual words, sentence structure and paragraph structure.

Jester98 profile image

Jester98 5 years ago

I think spinning still severs a small purpose. There are a few services I use. I will usually take a few unique articles and spin then and submit to the services, but I will use many different anchor texts so I can just build a bit of variety to my link profile. Other then that I have a handful of aged article site accounts I maintain and only post quality unique articles to which is hands down better then 1000's of spun article link type stuff.

cebutouristspot profile image

cebutouristspot 4 years ago from Cebu

It still serve it purpose but you still need to do some editing to make it read worthy.

Chasuk 4 years ago

Most authors who use spinning software barely know how to write. This poses a problem, as spinning software produces a sub-literate mishmash that the "author" is incapable of recognizing as crap.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 4 years ago from Scotland Author

Chasuk, I couldn't agree more.

Allen 4 years ago

Hello Peter,

I am a cofused newbie... someone asked awhile ago: "Can I submit the exact same article to different directories?" I guess they wanted to know if Google would not penalize them for doing this, and this is what you meant by "syndication" I am working on my first site and plane to have multiple sites in health and wellness niches... can I copy the exact article(info) from one of my sites to another one of my sites without being penalized by Google. When time permits, I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you, Allen

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Hi Peter,couldn't agree more. Article spinners churn out sheer gibberish. Uniqueness in an article can only come when they are written in the writer's personal style. Spun articles just have replacements for words or the sentences are framed differently but I believe a human reader can easily spot the spun from the original.

Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful.

Jason 4 years ago

There's no doubt in my mind that article spinner has it's place. Guns don't kill people, people kill. Just as another posted mentioned, if people are "evil" people will do "evil" with the tools at hand.

Mike 4 years ago

Peter do you have a response to this Jonathan Leger ranking experiment on spun versus unspun content? http://www.jonathanleger.com/#

The guy sells spinners so I know he has an incentive to show spinning content is more effective. I wonder if in your experiment you used the same content but linked using different words. Is that how you were able to get a good effect without spinning the content?

Kyle 4 years ago

You are completely and utterly wrong in virtually every aspect of this article.

You must spin at the paragraph/sentence/synonym level if you want spinning to be remotely effective. Obviously you are only acknowledging the lazy people that copy/paste an article into a spinner and hit "replace". You think it doesn't work/wont make it into an article directory/is a bad user experience because you think all spun content is full of bad grammar. Well my friend, I GUARANTEE YOU that you read spun content every week and dont even pick up on it because its done RIGHT.

A typical 750 word spun article will take me close to 8 hours to complete...but I can backlink my site thousands of times over the next few months with quite a high indexing rate. I will never get denied from article directories because my article always makes complete sense every time...

Your logic only applies to those who mash the replace button...not those who actually understand how to spin...

Kyle 4 years ago

Hey easy20,

That means you don't know how to spin properly...

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 4 years ago from Scotland Author

If article spinning worked I would never be able to rank for the term. It’s kind of obvious really, even to a complete idiot.

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 4 years ago from Scotland Author

My apologies Eazy20, my comment was not in response to you.

I suppose when we have to write and distribute multiple articles on the same subject we are manually "spinning" our knowledge and understanding of the subject. I just don't see the need for software that removes creativity and original thinking from the process.

I prefer to write individual articles that talk about individual aspects or benefits rather than churning out rehashed versions of the same article time and again.

Haze 4 years ago

I agreed. Article spinning will not work for Google if the purpose is just for backlinks. Google PhD definitely can detect such by using similar artificial intelligence. So, don't waste your time for it.

leros003 profile image

leros003 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

This is a great debate. As someone that works for a pr agency, I can guarantee they are a waste.

shohelrana 4 years ago

really it is very important topic for article writer

shingokko profile image

shingokko 4 years ago

Very useful, thanks! I've tried article submissions but so far I find that it's a lot of effort for very little benefits.

Martin from The Entrepreneur Club 4 years ago

I have used article submitters and spinners in the past. However upon reading into the Google Panda update, using this type of software is not going to be beneficial to your website / blog.

Google Panda aims to eliminate spun articles from search.

AlexD 4 years ago

Peter, I don't agree with Guna. I am an article writer, and I use a spinner to spin my own work. I do this, because I know that Google will penalize my own sites that I write for, if the content is the same. I don't see anything wrong with spinning your own content, and giving yourself credit for writing it to begin with.

Stavros 4 years ago

Unfortunately for the writer of this article, the ENTIRE thing is wrong, and thus completely pointless, which is pretty ironic.

To quote the writer, "If you syndicate articles your goal might be to submit unique articles to each article site in order to escape Google’s duplicate content penalty. However, since Google have publicly stated there is no duplicate content penalty, article spinners and article spinning would seem to be a complete waste of time."

If Google told you that they don't have a duplicate content policy, then how wold you explain this notice at the bottom of every single Google Search Result page?

"In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 30 already displayed. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included."

Peter Hoggan profile image

Peter Hoggan 4 years ago from Scotland Author

This means the article or page has been filtered from the results not that it has been penalised in any way. There is a big difference between a penalty and a filter. The host crowding filter for example works so that hundreds of pages don’t get returned from the one website, only the most relevant. This is the filter you are referring to.

Website Developers UK 4 years ago

In order to get good results in SERP software won't be able to help in any case. So better take time and write original article and publish it.

effepremi 3 years ago

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Arshad 24 months ago

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