Why Choose an MVNO

The most popular and successful MVNO in Australia is Virgin Mobile. Their popularity stems from the fact that they have an association with a very successful brand in Virgin. Virgin can pretty much place its brand with any product and it will sell. Whether it is successful is another matter, but it will sell.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators of MVNO in the mobile phone market and simply businesses set up to sell mobile phone and mobile internet plans using another organisations infrastructure. They do this because they don't have the money not the interest in building their own infrastructure. Their skill is in marketing and customer service.

Two other very successful MVNOs in Australia are Red Bull Mobile and Amaysim. Red Bull Mobile comes loaded with the success of another big brand in Red Bull. The drink and the racing car success give the brand much credibility. However Red Bull has added another important dimension in developing a very unique product range.

Rather than complete purely on price, Red Bull have launched with plans that have no call price. You simply pay a flat amount and make unlimited calls for the duration of the recharge you have nominated. As an example, pay $365 and have access unlimited mobile and fixed line calls plus SMS and 5GB of data each month for an entire year.

Red Bull has succeeded and the feedback in the forums is that the product are priced well and offer great value for money, but has Red Bull Mobile been successful. Has apparently have been strong but are they strong enough?

Compare them to another successful MVNO in Amaysim. Launched a couple of years ago, Amaysim came to the market with a low cost prepaid mobile offer. They supported this product launch with a huge marketing budget. It was worth millions covering print, radio, TV, social media and digital. With this investment came huge sales.

They then followed this up with a unique offer in Amaysim Unlimited. One of the first unlimited mobile plans. $40 per month gives you unlimited calls and sms plus 4GB of data each month. Amaysim is a success story but the brand on its own means nothing. So the guys behind it have built a very strong brand that today means value for money when it comes to prepaid mobile and no contract phone offers.

Both Red Bull Mobile and Amaysim offer two distinct MVNO cases which have used a different marketing model to grow. What they have also offered customers is something unique, new products and new pricing giving customer much more choice.

Whilst there is some risk in moving to such a provider, the savings can be huge.

The final MVNO I wanted to cover is Live Connected. This group is the smallest of the three mentioned in this article but they probably offer the best value in terms of mobile plans. For $11 per month (no contract you get access to $500 in calls, 1.5GB data and unlimited social media. Not many plans come close to this. However in order to afford such plans, Live Connected does not offer any phone support. All support is online. Is it a risk, for some yes for others the savings are worth it.

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ismartpc profile image

ismartpc 19 months ago from USA

Yes I have H20 Wireless very good for me. Simple mobile is ok but weak support and signal in my area.

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