Why Should You Upgrade Your Graphics Card to Nvidia’s Beastly GeForce 10 Series

Nvidia GTX 10 Series

Nvidia’s highly anticipated GeForce 10 Series - which includes the GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 - is finally in stores and it is spectacular, to say the least. If you have been thinking about upgrading your graphics card for some time now, here are some compelling reasons why you need to get yourself either one of Nvidia’s ferocious GeForce 10 Series graphic cards:

Jaw-Dropping Performance

The adoption of many cutting-edge technologies is the secret behind the jaw-dropping performance gains of Nvidia’s GeForce 10 Series. Its Pascal GPUs have been built on the 16-nanometer processor and the chips come with the latest FinFET technology, while 8GB of GDDR5X memory provides massive 10Gbps speeds.

Excellent Power Efficiency

Besides amazing performance and speed, the move to a 16-nanometer processor has helped Nvidia’s latest GPU become the most energy-efficient one released by the company yet. This is evident from the fact that despite the GTX 1080 offering better performance than the GTX 980, it requires 180 watts of power using an 8-pin power connector.

Unreal Overclocking Capabilities

For hardcore gamers who are looking for more power, the Nvidia GeForce 10 Series offers plenty of Overclocking room, with speeds considerably higher than the GTX 980 and a maximum boost clock of up to 1733 MHz. Don’t worry, though, since these graphic cards are air-cooled, the inside remains rather chilly.

Introducing the GeForce GTX 1080. Gaming Perfected.

Unbelievable Speed

Another important thing to know about the Nvidia GeForce 10 Series is that it is incredibly fast. In fact, these graphic cards easily surpass Nvidia’s Titan X - the most powerful single-CPU graphics card released to date. The GTX GeForce 1080 has double the performance and three-times the efficiency compare to the mighty Titan X.

VR Ready with 4K Gaming Performance

The GTX 10 Series are also ready for Virtual Reality gaming where you can enter a new world of immersive gaming with blazing fast performance, and Ultra HD video and movie streaming. Enjoy all your favorite 4K games on max setting to ensure the ultimate performance. DirectX 12 let you experience feature like realistic smoke and shadow effect for more lifelike gaming.

As you can see, Nvidia’s Beastly GeForce 10 Series has plenty to offer and making the switch to either one of the graphic cards would surely be worth every penny!

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CYong74 profile image

CYong74 6 months ago from Singapore

Been resisting temptation to upgrade since June. Your hub might have just pushed me into it.

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