Why You Shouldn’t Spam

8 Reasons Why Spamming Is Not Good

Spam is never a good no matter what you are trying to spam. In a far away land, Internet users criticized unwanted email and spam that they receive. The Internet has become commercialized and there is no denying that. But even if this is true, it doesn't make spamming okay and people who do spam should be banned from the Internet! Who agrees?. Well we listed out just a few reasons why you shouldn't utilize spam email techniques:

  1. Your ISP will hate you - ISP providers don’t like it when you spam and it’s against their policies. Even if you are using the best email provideron the net, I'm positive your ISP will still hate you. If your Internet Service Provider notices that you are utilizing spam techniques, it is possible that they’ll cut off your Internet access and take down your Webpage.
  2. It's unethical - There are plenty of other methods that you can use besides spamming to market your products. Direct mail, email marketing lists, T.V. ads, Google Ad Words, magazine, newspaper, telemarketing, radio. Why would you want to use spam with all these other methods mentioned above? Even though this might end up costing more in the short run it will prove beneficial in the long run.
  3. Causes Legal Issues - As I said before spamming involves stealing someone else’s resources, and when you do that, legal consequences can occur. Internet Service Providers are taking spammers to court and they're beating the spammers. In fact, some states have enacted no-spam laws that lead to harsh rulings against spammers, so it's best not to spam.
  4. Hurts your reputation of your company - Nobody likes receiving spam when they check their e-mails. If your business becomes recognized as a spamming business that just sends out spam everyday, it could end up harming your image. Have you ever received spam from a successful Internet company?
  5. Companies could take your money – Spammers are often untrustworthy and all they want to do is get their hands on your money and run with it. They will make guarantees to distribute out your advertisements, but you’ll never hear back from them saying that your ad has been published. At the point that you decide to find out why this happened, you’ll probably receive a voice-mail or one of those “The number you have dialed has been disconnected and is no longer working.”
  6. Gives online marketing a bad look - For online marketers that use respectable methods to market their products this makes them look bad. If you use spam to market your products, people will just believe that marketers are bad people and resorting to spamming will make this worse.
  7. It simply doesn’t work - Spam providers are the only one’s who are making the money from spam. They take your hard earned money and widely distribute these massive emails that people will just flag as spam, and put it in their trash. There aren't any prosperous Internet companies that use spam as a way to market their products.
  8. You'll get flamed - Unless you don’t mind being insulted most of us don’t enjoy it. It can pretty unnerving to receive a torrent of abuse, which can range from slurs to people threatening your life.


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