Why build your own solar Panels

Renewable Solar Energy System

Solar Electricity System
Solar Electricity System

Solar Power

Solar Energy Panels
Solar Energy Panels
Photovoltaic Modules
Photovoltaic Modules
Solar Electricity Panels
Solar Electricity Panels

Solar Energy

Within the last decade or more, solar energy panels have become a viable source of alternative energy for environmentally friendly home owners and other property owners looking to reduce their monthly utility expenses, It's an amazing trend for home owners to be selecting solar panels for green projects. This has made solar panels the most sort after, competitive and reliable choice of alternative energy on the market today.

From the home owners purchasing trend, you may assumed it's only for those with financial advantages but this assumption is totally wrong. Solar panels have become quite affordable in recent years and even far less expensive when you apply the Do It Yourself kit option of building your own solar panel. But if you focus on the effect Solar panels have on the environment, the influence in decreasing global warming and the use of fossil fuels. You'll agree with me it's one of the best forms of alternative energy or maybe the best there is.

Solar Electricity Panels

Home Solar Electricity
Home Solar Electricity

What Exactly is Solar Energy Panels?

The science of Solar electricity panels is as complicated as it is fascinating but you don't need to understand the technology behind it to benefit from it. Solar energy panels are built by wiring and assembling photovoltaic modules unto a frame, The more photovoltaic cells are added to a panel, the larger the amount of energy it can be produced.

Photovoltaic refers to electricity created from the sun through Photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic cells are wired together on a small frame known as a Photovoltaic module. Photovoltaic modules are wired together to create a solar panel. Solar energy panels generate electricity by collecting protons from the sun and it displaces neutrons to create a flow of electrons or direct currency (DC). The direct current (DC) is then passed through an inverter which converts the energy from direct current (DC) to alternative current (DC). The AC electricity is forward to the home circuit/main fuse box making it available as a clean alternative electricity source for your home.

Build Your Own Solar Panel

Homemade Solar Panel
Homemade Solar Panel

Solar Energy Panels Last 30-40 Years

Solar energy is a green source of electricity that can be used instead of the traditional electricity from the grid. Anything that can be powered with grid electricity, can also be powered with solar energy. This extraordinary technology doesn't leave the formidable carbon footprint that's causing damage to the environment.

Solar energy panels require very little to no maintenance and most panels are manufactured to last 30-40 years. Solar panels can be used to supply your entire house or/and business with electricity. By installing solar panels, a home owner will save money using their homemade solar energy instead of paying for electricity supplied by the utility grid. The life-span of solar energy panels, coupled by low maintenance cost and many years of usage long after the original price been paid off, will more than compensate for the initial cost. The good news is, solar power is growing even more popular and as more consumers continue to switch to solar energy panels, the cost of solar panels will steadily decrease.

One of the main reasons Solar energy panel applications are popular is the flexibility in the many ways it could be applied. A Photovoltaic module is figuratively small in size but capable of generating electricity, A solar panel looks like a checker board made up of small sections. Each section on the panel is a photovoltaic module. You can work with one module or create a panel using many. The bigger you make the panel, the larger the wattage output; within certified standards of course.

Solar Home

Green Solar Energy
Green Solar Energy

Build Energy Systems from Used Parts

When you understanding the value of solar energy panels then you'll also understanding the value of building them yourself. It's not only a matter of alleviating cost but somehow the challenge of building the units are invigoratingly satisfying, why? Although the technology is complicated, solar panels are relatively easy to build.

The fact is, I'm definitely not a tech savvy guy that knows the science of how a photovoltaic cell operates in transforming sunlight to electricity but I can easily wire photovoltaic cells together to build a photovoltaic module. And that's exactly how a solar panel is build, only on a much larger scale. Photovoltaic modules are assembled and wired unto a frame to form a solar panel and there are reputable companies offering excellent Do It Yourself kits. One such company known as Earth 4 Energy, literally teaches how to build renewable energy systems from used parts or what other people considers junk. What's awesome about Earth 4 Energy is, they inform you about where and how to purchase used components, what to look for and how to build a system costing less than $200. It's best to search the Web for information on how to build solar energy panels before contacting a solar energy providers in you area.

Build Solar Panel/Panels

Building Your Own Solar Panels

The flexibility in the ways solar energy is being applied is amazing. Today, you can literally run to the local hardware stores and purchase all the necessary components to build a Solar energy panel for a small application. You can start by building a small solar version to power something small as a lawn mower. A small version is ideal for a workshop with small power tools. You can even expand your panels to include outdoor lighting, maybe continue expanding to include your whole house.

The beauty about solar energy technology is, a solar panel can be built to power small water pumps or it can be built to power a community. Once you get the hang of building it, you'll definitely save funds on installation and consulting fees. If you're planning on building your own solar energy panels, it's a good idea to connect with the local green energy retailer or retailer of solar energy panels; they're a great source of information in times when you need answers to questions.

The Value of Solar Panels

Renewable Solar Energy
Renewable Solar Energy


The value of solar panels can be measured in the benefits it brings to a community but also to the reduction of global warming. A community dependent on fossil fuel for energy can never be as healthy as a community utilizing solar energy panels for electricity power.

Traditional energy resources are damaging the environment at an alarming rate. Solar energy panels is the first step to take in eliminating the use of fossil fuel and also the first step in reducing your personal carbon footprint on the environment. The effects and influence that solar energy have on the environment is priceless considering the rate of global warming on our planet.

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Insane Mundane profile image

Insane Mundane 2 years ago from Earth

I haven't did anything like this (solar panels), but it would be so nice to "live off the grid," as they say. The costly start up is what discourages most people, I'd say. I didn't know you could power your house with solar panels for a start-up fee under 200 dollars, as you said. Garage sale?

However, this is just one of the things people might need to consider while becoming more independent. Simply growing/raising your own food and learning how to naturally preserve it, goes a long way.

What about those homemade magnetic generators? Can we build a super-sized one or do we need to find more of Tesla's papers? Ha!

Anyway, nice Hub; cheers!

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phildazz 2 years ago from Toronto Author

Thanks for commenting, we need more people like you to get involve. Global warming is upon us now.

Raimer Gel 2 years ago

It is timely to shift to renewable energy sources now.

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