Best WiFi Printers

Why Get a WiFi Printer?

Wifi printers have slowly become a major feature found in consumer printers on the market. Wireless in these modern times has become a bigger factor in making a purchasing decision in this cordless world. Printers, even just a year ago, were still in the "dark ages" when it came to wifi technology. Even if someone had every wireless tool on their belt: their Blackberry, laptop, internet, etc., their printer made them tether down and put a speed bump in their lifestyle.

Wifi printers allow people to print while on the go. If you have to print a quick paper out before you run out the door, you can connect to it wirelessly either by connecting to it "ad hoc" or by connecting to it with your wireless router. If you're looking for the ultimate printer, wireless capability should be on the top of list of your future printer.

How to Set Up Wireless Printing at Home

WiFi Inkjet Printers

You have a broad range of choice when it comes to finding the perfect wireless printer for your home.  Just about every brand of printer manufacturer has at least one model available with WiFi printing capability.  As one example, HP has a large selection WiFi printers on the market right now.  Each of them are fairly easy to set up and use and give you many options for printing (like photos or normal printer paper).

Unfortunately, if you're looking for specific printer models to look for, I can be of little help in this article.  Printer technology changes constantly and what may be available right now as this article is published will be different 3 or 6 months from now.  I can give a fairly generalized brand recommendation for wireless printers however.  With working with many printer brands, I've noticed that a few brands have consistently been good with WiFi technology including easy to set up and wireless reliability.  Of all the brands, HP WiFi printers and Lexmark WiFi printers have been the best.

Brother Makes a Great WiFi Laser Printer

Brother 2170w Laser Printer
Brother 2170w Laser Printer

WiFi Laser Printers

While consumer level inkjet printers have made great strides in wireless technology, laser printers have been a little slow in the draw. Many laser printers, especially the color models, have been very slow to adopt WiFi, or if they have, make it a $50 to $100 upgrade option.

Because of this, it's much more difficult to make a good printer brand recommendation. With wireless laser printers, the most popular and lowest priced option is Brother. Brother WiFi laser printers have been pretty good thus far and for a price point hundreds less than the competition, make a great choice for someone needing a Black and White or Color laser with wireless capability.

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cfleming1 profile image

cfleming1 6 years ago from USA

Thanks for the Hub Draanor

I'm old enough to remember a time when, if you needed some paper reproduced, you had to take it to a copying shop. Getting that first printer was super-cool! Now, in my house we need two - and WiFi is a must. I wonder what's next

bean william - best wireless printer 5 years ago

wireless printer is getting popular now. In the future there will no cable anymore. :)

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