Windows 7: Automatically Convert Recordings in WMC from WTV to DRV-MS

 Windows Media Center is a powerful tool for viewing and recording video.  When set up with a TV Tuner card, it turns your PC into a customizeable, fully functional DVR.  However, the introduction of Windows 7 has also brought a fundamental change in Media Center.  Though the program functions as before, it now records in a new format: WTV, which as of this writing, does not have a Media Player plugin and is therefor not playable on Windows XP.

Fortunately, WIndows 7 has introduced a native converter to allow these files to be viewed on previous versions of Windows.  Conversion is generally quick and painless, and does not result in any loss of quality.  This article will discuss a method to automate this process so that a video will convert immediately after recording finishes.


 At the center of this workaround is a script that runs the conversion application on all WTV files in the Recorded TV directory.  The script presented here will merely convert the files and leave both the WTV and DVR-MS files in the library.  With a little creativity in scripting, you can have the move converted files to a new directory, move the WTV files to an external or secondary drive for storage, or just delete them outright.

%WINDIR%\ehome\WTVconverter.exe "C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\*.wtv"

Save the preceding line in a batch file.  Executing this batch file will automatically convert any WTV files in the default Recorded TV directory.  Please not that if you save your recordings to a different location, you will need to adjust the script to match it.  Now we must schedule this task to run at a recording's completion.

Step 7

Scheduled Task

  1. Open the Task Scheduler from Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Click Create Basic Task from the Actions menu at the right.
  2. On the first Screen, enter a Name and Description for the task. Any name is fine, so long as it is obvious. Click Next.
  3. Choose “When a specific event is logged” for the trigger and click next. In the Log menu box, select Media Center. Under Source, select Recording, and type 24 as the event ID. When a recording is finished, Media Center throws an event with these attributes. Entering this here will ensure that this task is executed when a recording is ended. (See Below)
  4. In the Action screen, select Start a program and click next. In the Program/script field, enter the path to the batch file, or click Browse and select it. Click Next.
  5. Verify all information on the next screen, select the open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish check box and click Finish. Another dialog box will open when this one closes.
  6. Click the Configure for menu box at the bottom of the screen and select “Windows &, Windows Server 2008 R2”. Click the Triggers tab at the top of the dialog box.
  7. There should be one trigger listed. Single-click on it, then click Edit. Click the Delay task for checkbox, and then click the menu next to it. Enter 10 for the delay (you will have to type this). This will ensure that the task runs 10 seconds after the event is thrown allowing time for the file to be completed. If there is no buffer, the task will fail to execute. Click OK. (See Above)


Step 3

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Wardo 5 years ago

Is there a way to have the program delete the wtv files once the conversion has SUCCESSFULLY completed but not delete the files if any errors occur during conversion?

growingemily 5 years ago

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rkem 4 years ago

Try event ID: 1, if 24 doesn't work.

grownpeterwhite 3 years ago

nice work, helps me a lot

idealshare 3 years ago

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Torzaisonway 2 years ago

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