Windows Live Messenger 9 on windows XP 64

Windows Live Messenger 9 on windows XP 64

I found out that Windows live messenger 9

Version 2009: 14.0.8089.726 or higher is not supported by Windows XP 64 bit.Also read reviews of many other people having problems signing in into there messenger like me but I actually found out a website on the internet that fixes this problem, which may also help many others.

You will need to download and install

  1. Download installer – Messenger.msi
  2. Microsoft Application Error Reporting (32-bit) or Microsoft Application Error Reporting (64-bit) depending on which operating system you're using.
  3. Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime
  4. Windows Live Communications Platform
  5. Segoe UI Font
  6. Optional components Windows Live Call but for me I did not install this

After installing the components 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 steps.You should be able to use your msn messenger 9 on XP 64 Bit and signing with no problem at all.This may also work with Windows Vista 64 but I didn't test it myself.

You can also uninstall Messenger 2009 (even if the above isn't working) by using the ZapMessenger utility or To uninstall Windows Live Messenger,

  1. Go to the bottom screen and click Start
  2. Then click Run
  3. Then copy/paste or type the following: msiexec /x {A85FD55B-891B-4314-97A5-EA96C0BD80B5}
  4. Then press ok

Another way to manually uninstall Windows live messenger is to go to "Add or Remove Programs"

  1. Go to the bottom screen and click Start
  2. Click "setting"
  3. Click "Control Panel"(A window will popup, which is the Control Panel)
  4. In this window look for and double click on "Add or Remove Programs"(A window will popup, which gives you the "Add or Remove Programs")This window shows you all the programs that have installed on your windows.
  5. On this window.There's 4 options on the left side of this window, which are named
  • Change or Remove Programs,
  • Add New Programs,
  • Add/Remove Windows Components
  • Set Program Access and Defaults.

I want you to Click on the first option"Change or Remove Programs" at the top left of this window.Then a list of your current installed programs will load and once its loaded.

6. In that list of programs.Look for "MSN messenger" and highlight or select it or click it.

7. Then on the right you should have a "Remove" button.Click "Remove"(a window will popup, which is the uninstall window)

8. On this window press ok to uninstall

This should uninstall live messenger off your computer.

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Comments 9 comments

Forte Lambardi 7 years ago

Thank you very much for this guide. As of Aug. 26 this was the only working copy of Messenger that installed on my machine (XP x64).

Andre Boulard profile image

Andre Boulard 7 years ago from riverview Author


Glad it works for you also.

Vinny Hadid 7 years ago

It's wokrs great??

alexandre 7 years ago

thanks a lot, this solve my problem.

i tried many ways but this was the one that solve it.


Rekuja 7 years ago

hey thanks mate, really helpful.

Liam 6 years ago

Thanks for this so much dude, not being able to use the latest MSN was driving me nuts!

Life saver :D

Marc 6 years ago

it worked just fine. thanks a lot!

kakaniania 6 years ago

Link 4 is broke! can u fix it? or help with other link

thnx in advance!

Anon 4 years ago


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