Windows Vista Connects to Network but Won't Load Web Pages

Short and Sweet!

I bet a LOT of people are having this trouble right now, so I'm making this article short and to the point!

My sister's laptop recently quit loading web pages, though it was still connecting to the router at home as usual. It had been working fine for months.

I could not figure it out while I was over there, and I am a PC/Network tech, so I brought it home with me to work on. I checked out a lot of forums, found no answers.. I finally did find an article that told me the problem was a recent Windows update number (KB963027).

I removed that update, rebooted, IE started working again! Loading web pages just fine!

So if you've tried going through all your settings like I did, removing all your virus protection, etc, just remove this update!

After I removed it, I did re-install it with some other updates and it all still seems to be working fine now!

To Remove the Update:

Click the Windows Vista "Start Button" then go to the "Control Panel".

FInd the "Programs and Features" icon. Click on it.

There will be a blue column on the left of the window that is labeled "Tasks". Click on "View installed updates" right under where it says "Tasks".

In the new window, go to the search bar and type KB963027.

You will see this update by itself if you have it. Click on it and say "YES" that you want to un-install it!

Let me know if this helps or you need more info!

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Input on this is very welcome! 9 comments

countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 7 years ago from Washington, USA

Nice technical hub. Knowledge base is a good starting point. Hope to see more informative hubs.

Agustin 6 years ago

Thank you ... really ... i just can't believe that an update can kill a computer so bad... Microsoft... go and start business in dog food (no... wait... they could kill my dog)

zelus 6 years ago

exceedingly helpful


Bernard 5 years ago

It worked!! I spent hours trying to find a solution and finally resolved the problem. Thanks to Kevy.

I lost my confidence in Microsoft Updates.

CeeBeePee 5 years ago

Wow Thanks. Clearly you guys that understand IT will one day rule the world

Lewis 5 years ago

I don't have that update but i still have the same problem? My laptop connects to the internet fine but webpages don't open. Help?

ashley 4 years ago

I tried this and it did not work! Please help!

Debbie 4 years ago

Has not worked for me. Mine just stopped loading. Could there be another update that I should uninstall?

Thanks for your help

Christa 3 years ago

Did not work for me, but mine is a pc not a laptop if that makes a difference. It tries to reload the homepage like four times than sais Internet explorer has stopped trying to restore the website.

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