Windows Vista Sidebar

The beauty of window Vista Operating System comes with easy to use gallery that gives you specific information. The following are features of vista Sidebar and how they can be switched off.

Calendar - It enables vista use to have current date, month and the year on the Desktop. You do not have to go to your accessories to look for dates. Vista Sidebar calendar updates with system date and time automatically, to hide vista sidebar calendar, drag your mouse over the calendar icon display then click on close button that appears, to update the desired date, click on the date and this will be picked automatically

Clock – Vista Sidebar Clock enables you to watch the clock in your own time zone. To hide the vista sidebar clock, drag the mouse over the clock icon and click on the close button. To show any vista sidebar gadget like clock, right click on the Vista Sidebar menu, click on the Add Gadgets on the popup menu that appears, and select the clock to add

Contacts – The Vista Sidebar Contact enables you to select the windows contacts, add or remove contacts, search for contacts. When you select a particular contact you will be able to see the email address of the contacts. To remove the contacts from the Vista Sidebar, move the mouse over the Contacts Icon and click on close button

CPU Meter – With this vista sidebar feature, one is able to see the current computer CPU and system memory. (RAM- Random Access Memory), to close the CPU Meter drags the mouse over the CPU Meter icon on the Vista Sidebar and click on the close button of the CPU Meter


Currency - Vista Sidebar Currency is a handy tool to help convert the currency to the desired one. Close the Vista Sidebar Currency tool drag the mouse over it and click on the close button


Feed Headlines – Vista Sidebar Feed Headlines track and bring you the latest news, current events that are happening, including sport and entertainment. Without internet connectivity one may not be able to follow the news


Notes – This Vista Sidebar help you write down short notes be it reminder, To Do list and ideas. It is like a note pad and the notes will be displayed for your review on the sidebar. You can write your daily goals here i.e. if you want to write 5 articles in a day, just put 5 articles today. Close the Notes feature from the sidebar menu by click on the close button associated with the notes icon


Picture Puzzle – Helps you brainstorm your memory by arranging pictures in certain order. It is not only for kids but adults to can do it


Slide Show – It show a continuous Slide Show of your pictures on your desktop, close the Slide Show BY clicking on the close button on the Slide Show


Stock   - Enable you to monitor your favorite stock

Weather – help you monitor how weather is behaving worldwide, this helps you plan your activity on the real time as you know how weather is, what to avoid when planning and what is favorable with the weather


Weather Bug – Instant weather condition update around the world, detailed weather forecast, radar, weather cameras, also brings you any severe weather alerts from weather bug community


How to Hide the Vista Sidebar Menu

Right click the vista sidebar menu, on the Popup menu that appears Click on close Sidebar and this will remove the sidebar from the display. To bring back vista sidebar to the desktop, on the Windows Task Bar, click on the Window Sidebar icon next to the batter icon as this will show the vista Sidebar on the Desktop

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