Wireless Headsets A History

Wireless headset
Wireless headset

Wireless Headsets A Brief History

Did you know there are some 82 million office workers in the USA that use the telephone and that an International Study has nearly 50% spending more time on the phone than 5 years ago ? About 50 million don't use a headset, despite some 31 million suggested they were interested in getting their first one .

Wireless headsets are used by only 1% .

Have you noticed people walking down the street apparently talking to themselves and have looked at them suspiciously, or are you used enough to the site and just walk on ?

Let's go back to the advent/discovery of the headset then fill in some blanks about the development of wireless headset, up to the present .

The original headset is attributed to Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910 . As an inventor of many "electric" products, This product got a lift from a US Navy order , just before WW1 and then the growth of radio during the "roaring 20's".

In all fairness it should probably have been called a headphone as it probably consisted of earphones only ,and not a microphone .

Wireless microphones were first and introduced in 1951, consisting of a microphone and transmitter that allowed the wearer complete freedom to talk and even sing , (My Fair Lady ) unencumbered by wires .

In 1961 two former pilots started Plantronics , a company founded to fulfill the need for the design and manufacture of light ,mission critical headsets embraced by NASA . The need for a fully portable, in the space suit , two way communication system instantly became evident and credit is given to Astronaut "Wally" Schirra for getting the ball rolling . Previously, when "Gus " Grissom had to abandon his capsule after landing in the ocean, his communication system went down with the ship .

On October 3 1962, Shirra wore the first Plantronics headset in outer space .

In July 1969, Neil Armstrong ‘s famous words came from a somewhat comparable Plantronics wireless headset system .

Although not the first with the business critical product , Plantronics introduced a first generation telephone wireless headset system in March, 2003 and have continued to provide continuous product improvement ever since .

The Wireless Phone Headset business in its infancy . Mobility, comfort, convenience ,and affordibility: what else is required for sustainability and growth with a product ?

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