Wireless PS2 Controller

It used to be that when we wanted to play games we could only go as far as the wire on the controller let us. This became a real pain especially if you were playing with other people because everyone was all crowded up on each other. Also, if what our moms used to tell us about sitting too close to the TV was right, I can only laugh at how right she was - I now wear glasses! Nowadays though with the age of technology, we do not have to put up with this anymore!

Nope, now you can buy a PS2 wireless controller which means you will have absolutely zero wires to deal with. This means you can play with as many people as you want and they all get to sit comfortably in their own chairs or on the floor. These wireless controllers use a sensor just like any of the other wireless controllers available on the market right now.

You can stand behind a wall and most of these controllers will still work for you! If you do decide to buy a PS2 wireless controller or any other wireless controller for that matter, I have to mention two main points. First off, these controllers can be found an array of colors - which is great or those of us that like to customize our stuff. If you cannot find a controller color you like, you can also buy a skin for it as well, which is what I do with most of my controllers.

This lets you choose the color you want, but most of the skins also have an anti-slip grip for all those sweaty hand gamers out there - you know who you are! Second off, if you decide to buy a PS2 wireless controller, make sure you either get yourself some batteries or you do yourself one better and get a wireless (or wired) rechargeable battery pack. I love these things. I bought one for my PS2 and it has two rechargeable packs so while I use one and drain it out the second one is being charged.

And while I use the second one and drain that out, the first one is being charged. This way you will always have a pack available which means you can play your little heart out to its content! If you want a cool controller, the PS2 wireless controller is without a doubt THE way to go!


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