With the rapid growth of technology do you think that it has killed common sense?

 As our technology rapidly advances, our society as a whole, is what I like to call de-evolving. It seems as though each generation has become more lazy, uneducated, have less moral and value standards, and more obese. Machinery and robots get work done more accurate and at a pace no human could match. Unfortunately, this technology has been a source of job replacement and unemployment. Technology is the greatest discovery made; it is also the most harmful to mankind.

If you were to go to any elementary school and ask the children of any age to solve math problems without the use of computers or calculators, how many would not be able to figure them out? One of the greatest downfalls with technology is the effect it has on our children. Children are being taught to rely on technology to do their thinking for them. My son started computer class in kindergarten. I remember my seventh grade year was the introduction to computer lab. Remember Oregon Trail? Teachers are assigning homework that requires the children to search the web in order to get the answers. Unfortunately, this method has taken books out of our childrens' hands. Reading is part of our foundation of education and intelligence. Without reading, our language and spelling are also negatively impacted.

Obesity is on the rise and technology plays a major contributing factor. Adults do not have to do physical labor at their jobs anymore; instead they sit at a computer desk all day. Fast food is also a gift of technology. Go to a gym and there are machines that lift the weights and do your cardio for you. Our children have become video game addicts. They do not go outside and play anymore; instead they sit in front of the game or television and munch while totally zoned out. Rather than joining the school sports teams, kids' now play sports games online.

Technology is awesome, but I do believe we are getting ahead of ourselves. How many people have lost their jobs to new machines or robots? How many companies have traded in their workforce for the newest invention? Too many families have been put out because of technology.

Just like everything else in life, there are pros and cons concerning technology. I just hope in the future, technology does not crash because I do not think society could cope.   

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froggy15 profile image

froggy15 7 years ago from Caro, Michigan

very well said lipshooter. I was going to answer this request but don't think I could have said it better. Let's just hope that if or when it does crash there are still enough of us "ole timers" around that still remember how things were done "back in the day".

Writely So profile image

Writely So 7 years ago from Atlanta/London

You've made some excellent points lipshooter. Thank you.

fie 5 years ago

technology in third world countries have not made so much impact but its now demanding.we need to embrace it

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