World Without Engineers

Well to start with I my self have done BS in Electronics Engineering and since the day I have been admited in an engineering university, the teachers the seniors every one out there keep telling the importance of engineering, that you have made a great career selection, you people are going to modernize the world and I would always scratch my head and think yes one day I would become worth something, till then I am better of in being a useless fellow. But there was one thing also that I would wonder which was what the world would have been like if there were no engineers like us. So my friend gave me an answer with these images, a true world without engineers. I think you should scroll down now and have fun.

Aeronautical Engineers

Computer Engineers

Civil Engineers

Communication Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Electronics Engineers

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solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

I need to admit, this is a very nice collection! Tell us more about your dreams as an engineer, please...

mtsandeep profile image

mtsandeep 8 years ago from india

I like this very very very much......... Good pictures that make people think why many of us choose Engineering profession.. I am an Automobile Engineering student.


topstuff profile image

topstuff 8 years ago

Great photos highlighting the importance of engineers.Indeed this hub deserves a thumbs up.

topstuff profile image

topstuff 8 years ago

Great photos highlighting the importance of engineers.Indeed this hub deserves a thumbs up.

mtsandeep profile image

mtsandeep 8 years ago from india

this is my hub about v-twin engines ....

hassam profile image

hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks, for all the comments engineers really the make the foundations of a prosperous nation.

In reply to solar shingles, my dreams are obvious that is take an active part in the technological advancement of my nation, I am also interested in the solar energy concept and just hope that one day this technology will be used on a wide scale to overome all the energy crisis specially in my country

Princessa profile image

Princessa 8 years ago from France

I liked this hub! I am sending it to my husband... he is an engineer!

hassam profile image

hassam 8 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thanks Princessa........I am sure he will also like it.

hemant rana 6 years ago

dis is really a fantastic collection.......

SWEETY 6 years ago


junnil q 5 years ago

nice that the people may know what's importance of engineering!!! i am a civil engineering student

Gouri Naik 5 years ago

Its d world of engineer :-)

proud 2 b a mechanical engineer

computer enginner 5 years ago

Yes! this is great creativity & Shows your love towords engineers.

Thanks a lot.

swarna 5 years ago

Really it is very intresting.......

I liked it a lot............ so that very one can know the importance of an engineer

haritha 5 years ago

its really superub....nothing will be there on this planet without engineers is proved nicely...i am proud to be an engineer.. thanks a lot

navya 5 years ago

tiz the first time i found tis website,its really nice n i'm feeling proud to b a engineer."happy engineer's day".

chiru 5 years ago

So once. . . .all there are the greatness of engineers.

So i prove to be an engineer

PRAMOD 5 years ago


vinay pandey 5 years ago

i love ur collections....well hassam i am computer engg. student and its final yr...wish me luck 4 my bright Future...

Aakash 5 years ago

awesome collection ...

i am pursuing engineering in information technology ..and i must admit what a fantastc collection of picture u showed up...really shows the importance of an engineer..:-)

Mustapha 5 years ago

Nice collections wish you career success in future

vidushipriya 5 years ago

really good healpep me a lot in preparing my debate on engineering.....

Ghazala 5 years ago

i am going to prepare a poster on "role of engineers".your collection helped me a lot.thanks sir.

profile image

najibpanjah 5 years ago

wow nice hub ! and i'm mining engineer

master 5 years ago

it's nice

moly 4 years ago

what about biomedical

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