World's Most Expensive IPOD- $200,000

Ipod Touch SUPREME

Uniquely designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes: Price - 139,995.00
Uniquely designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes: Price - 139,995.00

Just when you think you have all the Mac toys...

...comes the Ipod Touch SUPREME.

I have tons of friends that belong to the church of the Mac/Ipod/Iphone. And they love to flaunt them. You know what Im talking about, you might even be one of them. Its all good, I will probably be baptized into your cult soon enough. But in the meantime i regret to inform you that you will probably never own this mac product.

Stuart and his wife Katherine Hughes out of Liverpool, England started a company that combines the latest technology with the most exquisite luxury; If that's your thing.

You can own the Ipod Supreme with 2 of these

...and some change
...and some change

Uniquely designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes

The ipod Touch SUPREME. Officially the worlds most expensive ipod. The whole body was re- formed using 149 grams of solid 22ct gold with a beautiful rear Apple logo from 21 grams of gold which houses 53 VVS1, colour F diamonds . The front outer section has been set with 300 VVS1 diamonds colour F. The main navigation buttons has 12 diamonds of the same quality set in 16 grams of gold all of which surround its glorious single cut pink diamond which is 2.10 ct colour G-H. The box is created using white lacquered wood , with inners made from Porsche Nappa leather (hahaha Porsche leather...thats some good stuff right there). The ipod SUPREME is a limited edition masterpiece , with only 2 others to be made.

The Most expensive Ipod ever available costing Price - £139,995.00 about $233,000.

Buy it below...tell them I sent you. No, but seriously...if you do get one please do tell them I sent you.

Better hurry and get one before they run out.

If a normal PS3 just isn’t cool enough for you, and you need something with a Midas touch, then this new Gold PS3 Slim from Computer Choppers is for you. It is covered in 24k gold and only 5 of these will be available. Details on pricing are not available.

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iphonecarkit profile image

iphonecarkit 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

WOW! I think I'd have to be a billionaire to justify buying one of those. Sorry, but I would calculate that into how many Corvettes I could buy or a house or college for all of my children (including me) and then owning something like that could not be justified. If you are reading this and in the market to buy a $250,000 iPod pleeeease do not buy one, just donate to my Corvette/College/Retirement fund. No, seriously:)

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