Block Particular Domains From Google Search Results

Google has added another feature to its search engine service which allows users to block particular domains from showing in the search results pages. This is to help users weed out results from their future searches that they deem “offensive, pornographic or of generally poor quality”.

In a blog post published on its official blog, Google states “We’re adding this feature because we believe giving you control over the results you find will provide an even more personalized and enjoyable experience on Google. In addition, while we’re not currently using the domains people block as a signal in ranking, we’ll look at the data and see whether it would be useful as we continue to evaluate and improve our search results in the future.”

This development did not come as a surprise to me. I've been expecting it actually. During the last few weeks, Google has updated its search algorithm in what was dubbed as the “Farmer Update”. Some were thankful of the change while others were outraged by it. Content farms in particular were reported to be the ones most affected by the change.

While this “Farmer Update” was playing out, Google has been dropping hints here and there of further changes. This “blocking of particular domains” is one of the most rumored feature to be rolled. And yes indeed, it rolled just today.

In general, this new development is a thing we should all welcome. It will definitely help us get more of what we want and less from what we don't want in our searches. I can see  some possible disadvantages of it though. I'm not going to state what these disadvantages are here since the feature just rolled out so there is still no proof if my fears are right. I'll probably write about it sometime, I'll have to make use of this feature first and see what happens.

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crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Great hub,thanks.

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TheHubKing 5 years ago from Philippines Author

@crystolite: Thanks.

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