"You Are Now Protected..."

Like myriads of individuals, I am online for several hours a day. As an Internet marketer and coach, I am grateful for the technology that enables me to reach around the globe and interact with others in a meaningful way. I love the privilege of being able to offer solutions to folks with whom I would otherwise not have the pleasure of working. As a baby boomer, I did not grow up with computers and the World Wide Web, thus while not a "digital native," I have embraced this marvelous capability and experience nonetheless.

Recently someone "hacked" into one of my email accounts and sent advertisements to my list - the likes of which I would never, ever promote. Those who know me probably just ignored it; some wrote to me and told me they were not interested. I was grateful for those individuals, because it gave me an opportunity to respond, apologize and explain that I did not, nor would I ever, send such a message. And I promptly changed some of my settings which has taken care of it. For now, I suppose.

Frequently, I see a message at the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen. It was there just a little while ago, announcing that I am now protected. Specifically, it said, "You are now protected against 2,614,076 threats." Geeze, I don't know what to feel about that.

As a fairly self-aware individual I can usually readily identify my feelings. As a student of Bob Proctor, I believe and practice the understanding that our thoughts determine our feelings, our feelings determine our actions, and our actions determine our results in life. Thus, if one wants to change one's results, one must change one's thoughts. This teaching, and learning how to live and work in harmony with the laws of the universe, greatly enhances my life, businesses and my relationships. As one committed to life-long learning, I absolutely love studying with Bob.

So, when this Web security report pops up on my computer and tells me I am now protected against a couple million threats, I am a bit puzzled. I don't really know whether to be relieved and thankful, incredulous, or just plain appalled. Appalled not at being protected, but at needing to be. What is the nature of all those threats? What is someones motivation for such mischief? And what happens if, while being protected against 2,614,076 of them, there are actually 2,650,00 out there? Then what?

Such are the musings of one who finds the immense reach and potential of the Web fascinating, as well as a bit daunting at times. I have often said that we are inundated with information, and deluged with data...but this does not necessarily mean we are awash in wisdom. Information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not wisdom. There is a special kind of alchemy which needs to occur in order to take information and have it become not only useful, but meaningful. I think working on the computer is similar. It is powerful and like any powerful tool it can be abused or used to harm, as well as for a great many valuable interactions. We must be as informed as possible about its capacities and use good judgement while employing and enjoying its power.

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