Your Email Marketing Campaign is on track?

Your Email Marketing Campaign is on track?

A survey by the Epsilon reveals some reasons for the User to read the messages or to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

The results show some trends and attitudes, such as the type of messages that subscribers to email marketers are accustomed to receive, their preferences and preferred formats. But of all the information, some are particularly interesting.

Unsubscribe email

One of them is about why people unsubscribe from mailing lists. The main reason, and that it could be expected, the content is irrelevant.

The messages should follow the expectations of users, and should avoid sending unnecessary e-mails, that they flee the desire of the subscribers.

These practices can lead to a large number of defections and complaints, damaging the image of your brand and your future email marketing campaigns.

Too many emails

The second reason to unsubscribe is too many messages received from the same company. It is essential to find an appropriate frequency for your campaign. Emails are personal spaces for many people and receive a large amount may cause a negative effect among its users.

With the popularity of devices with Internet access, the situation may be aggravated. After all, nobody likes to receive messages in moments of fun or rest.

Who sends the message?

Another interesting point revealed in the survey relates to the message sender. 68% of people said they consider most important to know "who" sends the message that the title of it. This shows that the concern with the sender's email is great, worth more than knowing in advance the content that will read.

This point is of great importance to be associated with reliability of your brand. Once the User is used to receiving emails relevant to your company, the more likely he read the next message.

But that does not mean you should leave the title aside. The ideal is to combine the two factors, leaving the sender's email a clear and attractive title.

What attracts the User?

And what kind of call attracts the User to open your email? According to the survey, 66% said they are discount offers, 63% free products and 60% the fact that well-known brands.

Importance of "sender" and "title" in email marketing
What makes you open an email marketing allowed?

"Who sent" email
Year -% of registered
2002 to 60%
2003 to 63%
2004 to 64%
2005 to 65%
2009 to 68%

Title Email
Year -% of registered
2002 to 35%
2003 to 32%
2004 to 33%
2005 to 31%
2009 to 26%

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