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This article is primarily to Youtube users or those thinking of creating a Youtube channel primarily to make money. I will note that you can make money on youtube making and posting your own videos. But there are stipulations, red tape, grey areas and just decisions made very hap-hazardly by agents working for Youtube that you need to be prepared for. This article if full of tips that you really need to use and many things you need to know, so read on.

After you have researched and created a channel with subject matter you think others will want to search, watch and Youtube will want to monetize with ads. You begin creating and uploading your videos over time. You will not be able to be able to become a partner right away and you will not even be able to put ads on your videos at first. Often you will have to have uploaded at least 10 or more videos before they allow you to "monetize" your videos and have ads on them and on the page where the videos play. Once you are able to monetize at some point you can apply to become a partner. Usually unless your videos are getting thousands on views a month it isn't worth applying until you have more than fifty videos. Youtube will simply turn you down.

Unless your videos are very easy to create I recommend not making one per day or even every few days. One a week or even a little longer between is good. What you should be doing is creating the best video possible and then spending most of your time promoting it across the web. Your subject should be something that will allow you to make videos again and again. Something that people truly want to see. But promotion is the key.

Even after you are able to monetize or have become a partner there are aspects of the youtube system that you may experience.

Sometimes either as an error or another reason Youtube's system will identify either the sound or video as being copy written by someone else. Sometimes it can be correct. Other times it is identifying material that is royalty free and able to be used by you. Sometimes it identifies material that is in the public domain and as such is not under any copyright. Still other times it is just completely wrong and the material was completely created by you. When this happens you can dispute it.

Keep in mind (and they may not admit this is the reason) Youtube may place a hold on your account not monetizing any new videos until the dispute with the video in question is resolved. This can take days, weeks, possibly even months and effectively puts a stop to any new ad revenue until they figure it out. Of course they still let you upload videos and have them viewed but that does you little good if your doing it to make money.

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xinsanity 4 years ago

Thanks for the awesome hub! Pretty useful for new users to get into the YouTube community and earn some.

kevins blog52 profile image

kevins blog52 4 years ago from southern Indiana

good read I didn't realize all that red tape but like everything else on the net if it involves money greed steps in.I voted up and useful.

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

I am sharing this.. what a great hub. thanks for sharing

voted up


terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 4 years ago from North America Author

xinsanity - yes, thank you, I think it is good to know for sure :)

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 4 years ago from North America Author

kevins blog52 - true, it does involve a lot of that. Usually if something seems to easy or to good to be true it is. Thanks for reading :)

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 4 years ago from North America Author

Deborah Brooks - did my best to help those thinking about posting on Youtube or already posting. Hopefully it helps. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

Voted up and useful. Thanks for the information on youtube. I am filing this for future reference and consideration.

rambansal profile image

rambansal 4 years ago from India

Useful information. There are always some hidden tact working against innocent souls on Internet. Making money is not a straight game.

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 4 years ago from North America Author

teaches12345 - it is good to know if wanting to get into youtube. Thanks for reading :)

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 4 years ago from North America Author

rambansal - for sure, there are many pitfalls to making money on the internet. Always good to know what your getting into, thanks for reading :)

THEHuG5 profile image

THEHuG5 4 years ago

Great hub! I've been thinking about making a channel on Youtube in a few months and this is very useful to me. Youtube seems like a good place to make a little $$. Voting this up and bookmarking :)

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 4 years ago from North America Author

THEHuG5 - glad to help, this guide should help for sure if you are thinking of getting into youtube.

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