Secret to 100% upload success

Youtube 100% upload success trick!

This is a simple trick. Its so easy and simple that you will want to kick yourself in the head...or maybe you will want to kick me in the head.

But I am sure it will help to make sure your videos always long as you have the correct YOUTUBE video file format. See my hub on converting your HD camcorder video into an acceptable youtube file here.


  1. Log into your Youtube account.
  2. Go to Upload Video
  3. Choose the video you wish to upload
  4. Now, here is "duh" secret: Youtube gives you the options to choose multiple videos to upload at once.(They don't really upload at once, but one video at a time) So while your video is uploading click under that upload to upload another video...well my friend choose the same file. Maybe even choose it a third time.
  5. "Duh" theory: if one doesn't upload for some weird interweb of the others most likely will.
  6. Now leave it uploading and go play in the real world! Maybe go shoot more videos.
  7. Thanks for reading, hope this HUB helps, hope you dont want to kick me in the head and please feel free to comment.

So simple this picture comes to mind


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tim-tim profile image

tim-tim 6 years ago from Normal, Illinois

I never try to upload anything onto Youtube but I would imagine just like loading the pictures. Thanks for sharing:)

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