Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that it is worth noting in wind power, including the various problems associated with wind turbines. In today's day and age, the world needs to take into account the different sources of natural energy that has at its disposal.

Global warming may be due to our lifestyle completely dependent on fossil energy, so it's time to start looking for energy sources that are environmentally friendly.

This alternative energy source, like wind and sun, are much cleaner and more cheaper on the long run, if they are well used and on a larger scale it may well make a huge impact on the environment and on our wallets.

Advantages of Wind Energy

Wind energy is environmentally friendly, since no fossil fuels are burned to generate power. Wind turbines occupy less space than the stations of production of traditional energy.

The wind turbines or wind generators only occupy a few square meters, which allows the land around the wind turbine could be used for many other purposes, for example, agriculture. New technologies are making extraction of wind energy much more efficiently.

Wind energy is free, and we can still make money with this free energy source. The wind turbines are a great resource for creating energy in remote locations, such as the mountain communities and remote rural areas. The wind turbines can be of different sizes in order to meet the various population levels.

Another advantage of wind energy is that, when combined with solar energy, this energy source is optimal to provide developed countries or developing electricity safely and reliably.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

The main disadvantage of wind energy due to the unreliability that the wind factor deserves. In many areas, the wind force is too weak to sustain a wind turbine, and that is why the use of solar or geothermal energy can be a good alternative.

The wind turbines typically provide far less electricity than fossil fuel powered stations, and many need to install turbines for the energy produced produce some positive effect. The construction of wind turbines may become very costly in terms of complexity of the systems during the construction process.

The noise pollution from commercial wind turbines is sometimes similar to producing a small jet engine. This will have no importance if you live far from the turbines, you do not hear or can barely hear the noise made, but... and if you have to live just a few meters of the turbines? This is a huge disadvantage!

When you want to develop a wind energy project in a rural area, usually arise protests or petitions against. People feel that the countryside must always remain intact, so that everyone can enjoy its beauty.

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lime light power profile image

lime light power 5 years ago from NY NY

I am really enjoying all of your hubs on wind energy. If you've had the opportunity to read our hubs obviously renewable energy is a topic near and dear to us. To compliment your pros and cons above I'm attaching a link to one of our recent hubs which is all about wind zoning - addresses some of the issues you've mentioned.

georgethegent profile image

georgethegent 5 years ago from Hillswick, Shetland, UK

Good one. If more wind power is used then there is less polution.

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