Twitter - How do I get started?

Social media is so new that people are having a hard time understanding how to really use it. Twitter is a quick way to get information. Sign up, fill out your twitter profile and start to interact. 

Twitter - Just a few quick steps and you are using social media

You sign up with twitter because everybody is on there already. Are you having a hard time thinking about what to talk about on twitter. First a couple of things to do. Completely fill out your profile information. When you first sign up you will need an email address. Think about what you want your twitter account name to be. This is how people will be able to communicate with you through twitter. Enter your website and make sure that the link works after you have saved it. Include keywords in your profile description. Change your twitter background image. There are places online where you can get free twitter background images. You can also try to create one yourself. If this twitter page is for a business then you should make your twitter background image include your business image and information.

Once you get your twitter page setup then you can really start using your account. A good place to start on twitter is the page. You can type in search terms and get all the tweets that match the search. Also while you are on your favorite websites check to see if they have a twitter account. How do you get information on twitter? You go to a twitter page that you want to follow and click the follow button. When you do this each time that twitter account creates a twitter post you will see it in your twitter stream.

Twitter Posts - Writing your first twitter posts

Twitter posts are short messages of 140 characters. You only have a few lines to get your information out. What kind of posts can you send? You can write what you want. Did you find a link that you find helpful? You can put that link in your tweet. Do you have a picture that you want to show online? You can put that in your tweet. When you are creating your tweets think about the keywords that people might be searching for online.

Twitter Signup - What to expect once you have signed up with twitter

After you get your account up and running you will start noticing people following you. People might be searching twitter for specific keywords that you have and they might have found you from the people that you are following. Its really easy to follow and unfollow people on twitter. When you unfollow someone it just means that you don't want to receive any more of their tweets. Sometimes you will find some suspect twitter accounts that are following you. Twitter does a pretty good job of finding these accounts. When they do come across them they get rid of them.

Twitter - How to use it

You have a couple of ways to use twitter. You can use the website online directly. You just sign in and interact with the twitter webpage. You can also use a third party app like tweetdeck or twhirl. These are applications that you can download and run on your desktop or laptop computer.


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