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This article is for the remembrance, description and analysis of the importance, impact, usefulness and operating procedures of eBuddy chat (application and web based) and may no longer be applicable nowadays but for the benefit of reference, history and learning purpose.

In recent years, browsing the internet with mobile phones has received a tremendous boost. A lot of people can easily visit websites, social network sites, send and receive mails, downloads, online streaming, research and in fact do lots of things on the internet using there mobile phones.

The same also goes to chatting and online dissemination of information with modern platforms that are fully developed and sophisticatedly equipped with numerous features that make mobile chatting very interesting and useful. The most popular of these modern mobile chat platforms includes:

The invention and introduction of these fantastic apps has improved the mobile chat platform to almost perfect state and we have really embraced and enjoyed the useful of them.

However, a lot of us has forgotten the origin and path of improvement of mobile chat and the hero applications that initiated and elucidated the importance and effectiveness of mobile chatting. One of theses hero applications is eBuddy and for the context of this article, eBuddy will be our major concentration.

Brief History of eBuddy

eBuddy was originally developed by Paulo Taylor.His idea was established as a consequence from a bet to develop MSN Messenger, as it was named in 2003, for a mobile phone. After several weeks he won the bet, and uploaded the application to a server. A web version was soon developed following users' demands. As user traffic spurred, Taylor decided to take the idea further.

Originally backed by Prime Technology Ventures and Lowland Capital Partners and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with offices in Singapore and San Francisco, United States., after a successful partnership with Japanese-based GREE, eBuddy was sold via an aqui-hire to Booking.com

eBuddy Chat was a line of multi-protocol instant messaging clients: it allowed users with Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AOL accounts to chat free of charge in one aggregated interface. eBuddy Chat supported a Web interface and also supported iOS, Android, J2ME and mobile Web-enabled devices. In 2010, it was named one of the five finalists for “Best Mobile App” in the Mashable Awards.

With the move toward mobile, in 2013, the company announced that it was discontinuing development of its eBuddy Chat multi-protocol instant messaging clients.

What is eBuddy?

This is a mobile web - based and application - based messenger that supports instant messaging ,which enable mobile device users to access their favorite chat sites with ease. Not only can they access these chat sites, they also can snap and send their pictures,as if it were to be web cam, send buzz and emotions to their friends, set mood; (online, busy, away, idle, etc) while chatting.
As stated above, more to eBuddy is that it enable users to log into up to seven chat rooms (Window Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger,Google talk, Myspace Instant Messenger, Facebook Chat, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ) all at the same time using only one interface. That is to say, users can chat with friends in any of the chat rooms they have registered and signed into at the same time. This, i will say, should be amongst the best and easiest way to chat with mobile phones and has led to the design and development of the modern mobile chat applications being used today.

Application - based eBuddy messenger

This is a mobile application that enable users have access to their favorite chat rooms with their mobile phones. Mobile phones that support this application includes all phones that support Java Me applications. To use ebuddy application,please check your phone software format and support to make sure it supports java applications,i.e (.jar file format). The design and format of eBuddy mobile application encompass features that enable an easy way to chat with mobile phones.

The popular features in this application based ebuddy includes:

* Multiple sign in into chat rooms
* Automatic refresh
* Instant messaging
* Buzz and emotions
* Snap and send pictures
* Set notifications like
* View online and offline contacts
* View recent chats
* Sound and vibration alert when message,buzz, pictures or emotion is received.
Previously,there is always an issue of mobile phone battery quick discharge because of constant gprs connection but the recent Application based ebuddy has an in-built customized automatic battery saving capability. So, even when you have 24 hour constant gprs connecting in your mobile while using eBuddy,your battery life will still last for you. In fact,all these wonderful features make eBuddy:- an easy way to chat with mobile phones.

eBuddy Application for mobile

Web based eBuddy messenger

Unlike the application based eBuddy,web based eBuddy does not require downloading or installation of the eBuddy application. What you only do is to visit www.eBuddy.com (now changed to eBuddy XMS)

How web - based eBuddy work

It is important to reiterate, (for clarity) that this article is for analysis and description of the usefulness and operating procedures of eBuddy chat and may no longer be applicable nowadays but for the benefit of reference and learning purpose.

Below is the description and illustration of how eBuddy web was accessed.

With your mobile browsers (phone web browser, chrome, opera mini, internet explorer, bolt browser, ucweb etc) visit www.eBuddy.com (now changed to eBuddy XMS) .When it opens, scroll down to SKIP and click (because you don't want to download the application). After that,you will see lists of popular chat sites,select and click on the chat site you want to log into. When it opens,it will require you to sign in with your username and password. So you have to put the username and the password of the particular chat site you intends to sign into. For instance, if you want to chat on Yahoo messenger,you must sign in with your yahoo messenger username and password, likewise in other sites.

Once you have signed in,you will be taken to a window that displays your online contacts and recent chats.All you need do is to click on the name or username of an online contact to type and send a message. You can also send an offline messages in Yahoo messenger chat room.
If you wants to sign into another chat site,what you do is to scroll down to SETTINGS and click. Then click on ACCOUNTS and mark the accounts you want to add. You will be prompted to sign in with the username and password of the chat site you selected.After that click on SAVE. By doing this,you will find out that you have successfully signed in to multiple chat sites and can chat at the same time in all of them, using only one interface. In fact, eBuddy presents to you a simple and easy way to chat with mobile phones.
You have to click on the RELOAD button at the top - left in order to refresh the page.

Another better way of using eBuddy web based messenger is to first register with Application based eBuddy to get an eBuddy ID. Once you have registered, you can now sign into eBuddy with your username and password. Once you have signed in, automatically all the sites which you have included during registration will be signed in also. You just have to sign in once and you are signed in into several favorite chat sites of your choice,there by making ebuddy an easy way to chat with mobile phones.

web eBuddy

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@Segie, many thanks for that complement. This is specially to remember eBuddy as one of the applications that gave birth to these modern applications that we enjoy today. I really missed chatting with my eBuddy. Will there ever be another application like eBuddy?

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e.s did u ebuddy come preinstalled in your phone? you can try deleting the old one while you download another from http://get.ebuddy.com/

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oh yes, you can do more with ebuddy

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luvly4luv 6 years ago from Lagos Author

akterpk, tanx 4 ur contribution,but what am saying here is wen u r now browsing free wit ur opera mini or anyother browser,den u need go to ebuddy site inorder to chat very well on facebook,mocospace,gmail,yahoomail,twitter etc!

akterpk 6 years ago

All of us know how easy is browsing through opera mini in Mobile.Now you can enjoy operamini in your PC/laptop too. Now you will ask how????....Obviously! There is a cool emulator available free of cost...

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if u need help on how u can configure ur mobile to chat free wit eBuddy,contact me: onyedikajoe2006@yahoo.com

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