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HOw can I get rid of my computer's virus and get back all fonctionality?

My son went on a website and alarm messages from mc Afee started appearing all other the screen, anytime we closed a window, 10 other oepend! It lasted for two days, then I tried to use Microsoft Essentials to clean up, it did a good job but all my files and pictures have disappeared and NO more icons on the desktop, no more program to write or launch the internet...the only way I can connect here is by clicking on the mc Afee window that is constantly there and type another adress in there window...WHAT CAN I DO TO RECOVER MY INTERNET LAUNCHING PROGRAMs for free?

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Dumbledore says

4 years ago
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Irfan (arksys) says

5 years ago
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NiaLee says

5 years ago
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