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Help me name my software...

I'm near completion of my software which scans for duplicate files in a user selected folder or drive and gives a list of all the duplicate files and also allows you to permanently delete or move the duplicates to a user-defined folder... i'm looking for an exciting name which fits with what the little software does... so I thought i'd ask the most creative bunch of individuals I know... ;)

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Dale Hyde says

4 years ago
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Laura Schneider says

3 years ago
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    Irfan (arksys) 3 years ago

    thanks for the response ... i made it a while ago and i called it "Hash-em". hash is the pre-defined procedure to find duplicates. i know it doesn't clearly give the right picture but all good. i'm in the mid of a newer version. will send you a copy.

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alisha4u says

4 years ago
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singleaple says

4 years ago
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