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How do these three compare - Android, Windows or IOS? Which is the most user friendly?

These three operating systems (OS) used in smartphones or cellphones are competing with each other. Which one do you prefer and why? What are the differences and characteristics of the three OS?

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Rafael Baxa (Rafa Baxa) says

4 months ago
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Aikonia says

4 years ago
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carman58 says

4 years ago
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Khal Blogo says

4 years ago
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  • vincentwansink 3 years ago

    That is now changing as more and more XBox games are being released for winPhone 8. Just last week I downloaded four of the best games I've ever seen on a phone and they are all XBox games, which means they are not available on iOS or Android.


vincentwansink says

3 years ago
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