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To the SEO experts. When writing titles, what is the best way to separate keywords?

Sample title: "Jamaican recipe: Dumplings and Fish", there I used a colon. What is better, the colon, a dash or brackets for the secondary keywords? So would I place a bracket around "dumplings and fish" or use the dash, or is the colon best? I am asking this because someone suggested me bracketing which I found strange. I have used the dash but have no idea if that affected my title or not. I have developed the habit of using the colon but still don't know if that is best.

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Best Answer Savvyness0ne says

4 years ago
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Abhilash Nayak (simpy63) says

4 years ago
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    Carolee Samuda (Cardisa) 4 years ago

    Thank you Simpy63. The titles are cut off at 65 character so I always try to make my title not too long or too short either.

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