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I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Phone. Is there a way to "FaceTime" chat with an iPod?

The Galaxy Nexus has the same type of camera as an iPhone or iPod. How can I chat with her if I don't have FaceTime? Is there and App for that or a feature on the phone? How can I use the camera to talk to others?

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S.Graveson says

4 years ago
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    JS Matthew (J.S.Matthew) 4 years ago

    Thanks S.Graveson. I am aware of Skype and Know that you can also use Google Talk among others. I am trying to find an App that actually bypasses and connects to the Apple iOS phone system. I guess it hasn't been developed yet. Appreciate your answer

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Aikonia says

4 years ago
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Tim Mitchell (tsmog) says

3 years ago
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