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If you earned a million views on Youtube over night, what would you do?

Today anythng is possible, and imagine if you only had a little over 10,000 Youtube views or much less, then suddenly one day you looked at your account there and it hit 1 million views +. Really what would be your very next move at that point onwards. Be honest! (Oh and your views couldn't have been generated by using copying techniques, because those don't count for this questions answers) ** That mean genuine orginal content views only**

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flashmakeit says

4 years ago
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my4re says

4 years ago
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martin dennis (DOGTOWN777) says

4 years ago
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    Mike Pugh (CloudExplorer) 4 years ago

    OK I think you could have done a little better trying to answer this very question, because there's tons of people doing it on Youtube today. Wow! thanks for participating and all, but come on bro!

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