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What's the best way to record Xbox gameplay?

I'm strongly considering starting to record some of my game-play and uploading them as Let's Plays. However, I know virtually nothing about how to go about this. What are some different options that I can try to capture game-play, preferably with commentary by myself and one or two others? I'm a little low on funds, so it'd be better if I could do it relatively inexpensively...

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Best Answer RolyRetro says

3 years ago
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    Adam M. Hanson (AM Hanson) 3 years ago

    I've been avoiding youtube, because I've looked before and lots of what I found were either super expensive and complicated, didn't allow for simultaneous game-play and audio commentary recording, or were really bad quality. That still the case?

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Eddie Mekolon (edmek55555) says

3 years ago
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Mark (MarkSmithPA) says

3 years ago
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