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Google Plus Help Needed - if a new website is a blog, what type of Google Page is it?

I finally opened my website for a new blog - five years later - slow but sure. Now I want to set up a Google Plus Page and am lost so of course, I return to the comforts of home - my beloved HubPages to ask. What does a blog website qualify as? A Brand or a Service? I know it is not a storefront, a blog doesn't provide a "service" such as pizza delivery or plumbing. Please help with this basic essential question! PS I wish HP could run Google Plus Forums. I must prefer the Q & A and the open Forum developed here which explains why I am not asking Google Plus. Thanks for listening and helping.

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Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

2 years ago
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    Kelly A Burnett (Easy Exercise) 2 years ago


    Thank you very much for a complete answer! Off to get started with a Google Plus Page for my new blog.