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Does anyone else has problems with Yahoo's log in?

You log in with the correct password, and then they say it is wrong. You have to change it every time to log in. And now they have a very old cell number that they contact for you and you don't have that number any longer. The alternate email, isn't one of the choices and should be the only choice. Twelve plus years with Yahoo, and there is no way to contact them about it...>>>All I want to do is check my email.

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Justin Peele says

23 months ago
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Tim Anthony (WestelCS) says

23 months ago
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    Loca Orr (locaj) 23 months ago

    My account isn't old. I been on it everyday for a while, and about six months ago it started to ask me to reset my password all the time and now my alternate email isn't on there, only a an old number is, and I done changed it several times before.