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Should I Download Windows10?

My laptop runs on Windows XP and every few days I get this pop-up window offering me to upgrade to Windows10. Where is it coming from? Is it a scam? Or is this something that you would recommend to do? Is it free? There is a disclaimer at the bottom that says something about internet fee may apply?? I figured I must not be the only one getting this, so I am asking for help/advice. Thansk

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Ronald E. Franklin (RonElFran) says

13 months ago
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    Jennifer Peters 13 months ago

    Ronald E. Franklin, You are Right , Windows10 is not free.

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Electro-Denizen says

13 months ago
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YvetteParker says

13 months ago
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  • Robie Benve profile image

    Robie Benve 13 months ago

    Well, as I commented to him already, my bad: I did have W7 after all! I ran the upgrade yesterday and so far it seems very nice. I haven't figured out all that has changed yet, but Windows 10 seems very user friendly. Thanks