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For Facebook users. After reading your feed how many things are pointed out wrong with you?

It can mean with your health and wellness, lifestyle choices, politics, things like your computer, and etc.

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Dean Traylor says

6 months ago
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    ME Whelan (WordCrafter09) 6 months ago

    That "projecting thing" can go on so often in offline life it a) shouldn't surprise people on FB, and b) can be reason enough for a person to keep him to himself and just a few "friends" on FB. There's such a thing as a "saturation point".

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ME Whelan (WordCrafter09) says

6 months ago
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    Tim Mitchell (tsmog) 6 months ago

    Thank you ME Whelan. Reading again I was kinda' vague. I mainly meant all the ads stuffing the pages full of an interest. For instance I am diabetic thus member of groups & etc. All the ads denounce what I have been taught, thus I have been wrong