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Now that Google and Facebook are going after fake news sites and stories, how will this affect us?

There's no doubt fake news have been a problem for a while. And, now, social media and Google are seeking ways to tweak their systems exclude these sites. However, in the process will Hubpage become an unintended victim? Will editorial policies for this site change to ensure they don't get locked out? Remember, there are some nutty and false stories floating around this site. Will we see a purge of these particular hubs? Simply put, do we have something to worry about since that algorithm term is being thrown around by Google and Facebook?

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Don Bobbitt says

3 months ago
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    Dean Traylor 2 months ago

    I agree there are a lot of writers on this site that don't fact-check stuff. I've caught a few. Still the most erroneous one was an another site. One day I will have to write a hub about that.

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Wesman Todd Shaw says

3 months ago
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